Whyte Crane Hire Scotland

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William Whyte Cargo Handlers Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Aberdeen. The family-owned business was established around a core of crane hire and cargo handling. As the company grew they expanded to include additional services including plant hire, industrial storage, cargo and materials distribution, and personnel training.

Company supervisors have extensive experience in all phases of crane operations to handle any job regardless of the size or scope. Their quality management program is designed to meet all requirements of ISO 9001:2000. The standards cover all aspects of the company's business.

Just like most other UK crane hire companies Whyte Crane offers both straight hire and contract services. In a straight crane hire scenario the client is responsible to provide insurance, plan and execute the lift, and ensure everything is done safely in accordance with regulations. Under contract scenario Whyte Crane takes care of everything on behalf of the client.

Areas Serviced by Whyte Crane Hire

Whyte Crane mainly services Scotland; their three depots are located in Aberdeen, Grangemouth, and Montrose. On the company's website they provide mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and contact information for all three facilities. The company's main headquarters are located at the Aberdeen facility in the Tipperty Industrial Centre.

Whyte Crane Hire Industries and Sectors

Whyte crane hire is involved in a number of different sectors using a fleet of cranes that includes telescoping boom lifters ranging from 35 tons to 1,200 tons. Sectors of particular interest are:

  • Energy - In the area of energy Whyte crane is a specialist in wind turbine construction. Their mobile cranes provide the quick access and set up time needed to quickly move from one turbine site to the next without hours of rigging. The all-terrain carriers are able to handle rural environments with ease.
  • Marine Cargo Handling - On the waterfront Whyte cranes are a common fixture seen working as part of the cargo handling industry. Their mobile cranes load and unload cargo, move cargo around the shipping yard, and lift smaller boats in and out of the water.
  • Urban Renewal and Public Works - Urban renewal and public works projects in and around Scotland's major cities are a big part of what Whyte Crane Hire does. Whether it's helping rehab a clock tower, lifting an air-conditioning unit onto a roof, or lifting heavy glass panes for an office building, the company's a smaller city cranes are perfect.
  • Infrastructure - Infrastructure lifts are the kind of work ideal for the company's heavy crane fleet. They are especially adept on bridge projects requiring large prefabricated spans to be lifted into place. Whyte cranes work on new road and bridge construction, rehabilitation, and so on.
  • Heavy Industrial - Whyte Crane's heaviest lifters are used for heavy industrial lifts. They might be utilized by a power company for new plant construction or to install heavy machinery in a manufacturing environment. With a lift capacity of 1,200 tons, their biggest Crane is capable of handling some of the toughest work around.

Recent News Featuring Whyte Crane Hire

The news surrounding Whyte crane has not been plentiful or necessarily flattering recently. The company is perhaps most well known for being the impetus for new government regulations regarding the safe operation of cranes on UK roads. Those regulations are the result of a tragic accident last year involving a Whyte crane and three innocent victims.

Apparently the crane was leaking hydraulic fluid as it travelled down the highway in Scotland. A few minutes later, a passenger vehicle carrying an adult female and two children lost control and crashed, causing the deaths of all three. Officials at Whyte acknowledged the crane was unsafe for transport on the road due to a faulty hose.

The MoT is now in the process of putting together new regulations requiring cranes to pass a preliminary inspection for road worthiness before they can be driven on public highways. Prior to the action cranes were exempt from such safety inspections.

Though the incident was certainly unfortunate it is not indicative of Whyte crane hire as a whole. The company has an excellent record throughout more than 30 years of serving Scotland. They handle some of the area's heaviest lifts with precision, professionalism, and an attitude of safety first.

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