Terex-Franna MAC 25-3 Pick & Carry Crane

photo showing Terex-Franna MAC 25-3 Crane

The Franna brand from Terex offers three pick and carry cranes including the top-of-the-line MAC 25-3. Pick and carry cranes don't have the highest lifting capacity in the world, but their strong point is the fact that they can carry a load around the job site with relative ease.

What makes the MAC 25-3 so outstanding is its articulating frame which mitigates the need for an outrigger system. This increases efficiency and productivity because very little set-up is needed before using the crane. Simply park the carrier and you're off and running.

The other advantage to the MAC 25-3 and its smaller siblings is overall road speed. It gets you from one job site to the next fairly quickly, while still being very easily manoeuvred in traffic. It's the mobile pick-and-carry solution you've been looking for in the 30 ton or less class.


Since manoeuvrability is key with pick-and-carry cranes, we'll start by talking about the dimensions of the MAC 25-3. The carrier itself measures 7,155 mm from bumper to bumper. From the centre of the cab to the tip of the boom the measurement comes in at 4,640 mm. End to end the entire package comes in at a relatively short 9,885 mm.

A total width of 2,720 mm may present a problem for some cranes, especially given the fact that the boom is offset, but it's no problem for the MAC 25-3. As mentioned earlier, the articulating frame makes cornering a snap. The operator can focus most of his attention on the protruding boom, knowing the rear end can take care of itself fairly well.

The Carrier

The carrier consists of a two-piece orbital chassis mounted on dual Kessler heavy-duty axles. The front axle features a differential lock and reinforcement perfect for moving a load from one point to the next. Suspension is provided by semi-elliptic springs; the front axle as an automatic hydraulic spring lockout.

The crane's braking system gives the operator great flexibility both when driving and working. The main driving breaks are air operated and high-capacity with dual circuits to apply the braking mechanism on both axles. An additional engine exhaust brake can be deployed by the operator in all gears.

A Mercedes-Benz OM906 turbocharged diesel engine powers the MAC 25-3 both on the road and at work. The inter-cooled engine puts out an impressive 205 kW of power and 1100 Nm of torque. For driving purposes it powers and Allison 3000 automatic transmission with six forward gears and both 2WD/4WD options. On-board fuel capacity is 400 L.

The Crane

Doing the heavy lifting for the MAC 25-3 is a four section boom consisting of a main box and three telescoping sections. Maximum height without the jib is 18m, with an offset angle ranging between -10° and 65°. Add the jib and you get an additional 22m of hook height.

A two speed winch can operate at either 41 m/s or 82 m/s with a maximum 4.2 ton line pull. The hook block, which can be used in two, four, or six parts, is rated for a capacity of 25 tons.

The Cab

Another great feature of the MAC 25-3 is is roomy, two-man cab. The insulated locking cabin features two seats with full KAB suspension, radio and CD player, Blue-tooth support, backup camera, and dedicated heater and air conditioning.

Standard hand controls and a panel console are easy to see and use. An electronic warning system monitors boom and load parameters and uses both audio and visual systems to warn of potential problems. The electronic monitoring system includes motion cut-outs and other safety features.

As a pick and carry the MAC 25-3 is a productive and efficient option. It would be a great choice for a shipping yard, dock yard, rail road operation, or airport. It's also a great option for residential and light commercial construction.

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