Terex-Demag AC 40 City Crane

photo showing Terex-Demag AC 40 City Crane

Germany's Demag is a legacy brand of US-based heavy equipment manufacturer Terex, and has been since they were acquired in 2002. All Demag cranes are manufactured in Germany before being exported to various markets around the world. The combination of the Demang reputation and the worldwide footprint of Terex has pushed both to the forefront of the industrial crane industry.

In specifically talking about the AC 40 City, Terex-Demag has put together a crane that meets the needs of a very unique niche: city deployment where space is limited and lifting is 40 tons or less. The entire purpose for this crane is to provide lifting capacity for urban construction projects combined with a vehicle that can manoeuvre down tight city streets and around high city curbs. The AC 40 City can go places not even some small truck mounted cranes are capable of.

Consider, if you will, the clearance height of the AC 40 City which is under 2.99m. The total length of the crane is a mere 8.57m while the carrier is only 7.34m. With the addition of a versatile set of attachments this city crane can do a lot in a compact package that has no trouble getting around.

The Carrier

The carrier begins with an all steel frame mounted on a 3-axle drive system. The operator can choose between one axle or three axle driving, with the option of steering all three or locking out the second and third axles. Three axle steering is ideal for manoeuvring in tight locations.

The Allison transmission features automatic gear switching with torque converter and a two-stage transfer case with an off-road gear. On the road the AC 40 City offers six forward gears and two reverse gears.

To drive the crane Terex-Demag has chosen a 205 kW diesel engine. With the fuel capacity of 300 L, and a maximum torque of 1100 Nm, you won't be worried about this engine getting the job done. You also won't have to worry about taking forever and a day to reach your destination because the AC 40 City moves briskly down the road at a maximum speed of 80 km/h.

The Crane

From the factory the AC 40 City comes with a hydraulic telescoping boom with an extended length from 7.8m to 31.2m. The four-section boom has a maximum capacity on its own 33.4 tons. When rigged properly the crane can be moved under load for short distances. That gives you pick and move capability that may come in handy.

For greater extension and lift capacity Terex-Demag offers several different extension options. For example, the HAV7 option includes a 7.1m folding swingaway jib with a manual offset 30°. The HAV13 includes the same components with an additional extension for a total length of 13m.

The Operator's Cab

The transport and operator cabs are combined into a single unit in order to keep the AC 40 City compact. The cab features a folding front window, sliding windows in both the door and the rear, tinted safety glass all the way around, sun visor and curtain, an adjustable heated seat, an adjustable side pedestal, and an independent heating and air-conditioning system.

In addition to ergonomic and easy to-use-controls, the operator also has access to real-time load information via the crane's electronic monitoring system. The operator has full access to current load conditions, load charts, potential fault conditions, range limits, and so on. An audio/visual warning system keeps him informed when the crane is reaching the limits of its parameters.

For urban construction sites where space is limited there may be no better option than the Terex-Demag AC 40 City. This crane offers all of the flexibility and manoeuvrability you need in the city along with enough power and functionality for an array of jobs. No other crane in his class does is so much with so little.

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