Terex-Demag AC 1000 Mobile Crane

photo showing Terex-Demag AC 1000 Mobile Crane

When it comes to versatile AT cranes, Terex-Demag has set the standard with the 1,200 ton capacity AC 1000. This crane is the largest easy-rigging mobile crane that can still be driven on the highway even with its monstrous 50m boom still attached. The nine-axle carrier has been engineered with latest technology to make this feat possible.

The Terex-Demag AC 1000 is the perfect solution for extremely heavy lifting in a mobile package. It's quite often used to help erect tower cranes, hoist air conditioning units and other heavy objects being installed on high-rises, and even erecting wind turbines and mobile phone towers.

What makes the AC 1000 so flexible is a vast number of boom and jib combinations that gives job site supervisors so much flexibility. Transporting extra components can be somewhat inconvenient, but once you realize all the work you can do with the different options it's clearly well worth it.

The Carrier

While the carrier may not be the most important component of the AC 1000 it certainly is very impressive as the crane moves down the road. The custom-designed frame carries the entire weight of the crane on nine axles that span a total length of 20.3m. From the one end of the boom to the other the length reaches 22.48m.

Getting the AC 1000 around a turn is the job of the dual-circuit steering with multiple drive and steering options. For the best manoeuvrability eight of the nine axles are engaged; axle six can be lifted if the operator deems it necessary. Maximum turning radius with eight axles engaged is 17.5 m.

Powering the carrier is a Mercedes-Benz 480 kW diesel engine. Its 2800 Nm of torque powers a ZF-TC-Tronic transmission with an automated gearbox, torque converter, hydraulic retarder, and lockable transfer case. The transmission features 12 forward gears and two reverse gears.

The Superstructure

Once the AC 1000 is parked and prepared, the impressive carrier is dwarfed by an even more impressive superstructure. The HA50 telescoping boom relies on a single cylinder system with automatic telescoping to extend to a range between 13.5m and 50m. The 10-section boom includes a boom head with a maximum lift capacity of just under 270 tons.

Terex-Demag offers extension inserts which grow the boom by an additional 100m and add 168.4 tons of lift capacity. A 4-sheaf heavy lift attachment increases load capacity by 363.3 tons while a 3-sheaf heavy load attachment adds an additional 245.3 tons. With all the options included the AC 1000 is capable of a jaw-dropping 1,200 tons.

Keeping everything in place is an outrigger system consisting of four telescoping beams with hydraulic adjustment both horizontally and vertically. Two auxiliary outrigger beams can be added for greater stability at maximum load. Outriggers can be levelled automatically from the operator cab or manually from the ground.

The crane's counterweight system consists of 48 tons of slabs stored on the front of the carrier. Extra weight can be added from maximum counterweight of 228 tons.

The Cabs

The carrier cab has room for the driver and one passenger along with automatic speed and brake control. Included as standard equipment are adjustable driver’s seat with pneumatic suspension and heater, tilt and height adjustable steering wheel, power windows, tinted glass, engine powered heater, and air conditioning.

The operator's cab, with a tilt of up to 20°, offers a heated seat, sliding glass in the door and the rear, fold-out windscreen, tinted safety glass all the way around, sun visor and curtains, adjustable side and front pedestals, hand rails, engine powered heater with remote start, and air conditioning.

The crane is controlled by dual ergonomic joystick controls on either hand rest; electronic monitoring of current load moment and all operational parameters is provided by the crane's computerized system with LCD display. Automatic safety features are also included to prevent job site accidents.

The Terex-Demag AC 1000 is truly an impressive mobile crane you can't really appreciate until you see it in action. For maximum lift capacity combined with incredible versatility it is one of the best heavy lifters on the market.

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