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Terex Cranes is a subsidiary of Connecticut-based Terex Corporation. The company got its start in 1925 as a division of General Motors; an arrangement that produced heavy equipment under the Euclid name for some 40 years. In 1968 a ruling by the U.S. Justice Department prevented the company from continuing to sell certain types of machinery. They were ordered to stop using the Euclid name as well.

All of the equipment not covered under the order, including the company's cranes, was re-branded with the Terex name while sales continued. Since then the company has enjoyed robust sales and a reputation around the world for high quality equipment.

Terex Crane Categories

Terex manufactures all sorts of heavy equipment including front loaders, bucket loaders, asphalt pavers, landfill compactors, and materials processing machinery. Their Crane division manufactures products in the following categories:

  • Truck Cranes (both telescoping and lattice boom) - Terex truck cranes are typically used for heavy duty work in suburban environments; they are ideal for commercial construction and windmill erection.
  • City Cranes - Urban environments require highly manoeuvrable cranes that can safely make their way down city streets. Terex city cranes are perfectly suited for such projects.
  • All-Terrain Cranes - When the surrounding terrain of a construction site is not easily accessible an all-terrain crane is the best option. Terex makes all-terrain cranes in a variety of sizes and load capacities.
  • Pick and Carry Cranes - Pick and carry models are the cranes of choice in manufacturing and waterfront environments when a load must be picked up and carried around the job site. They offer exceptional stability and manoeuvrability.
  • Crawler Cranes - Crawler cranes are for the heaviest work requiring a mobile application. Terex offers both telescoping and lattice boom crawlers.
  • Tower and Pedestal Cranes - These two categories offer the best options for extremely heavy work in fixed positions. These are the cranes used in construction projects that require extremely high reach.

Most Popular Terex Cranes

Terex Roadmaster 900 Telescoping Truck Crane

Terex Roadmaster 900 Telescoping Truck Crane

The Roadmaster 9000 is one of the more popular telescoping truck cranes from Terex. It is a 90-ton mobile crane atop a four axle carrier with a 450hp diesel engine. It's automatically telescoping boom can reach a length of 164 feet operated from a separate cab featuring the latest electronic controls and safety systems.

Terex All-Terrain AC 140 Compact Truck Crane

Terex Roadmaster 900 Telescoping Truck Crane

In the all-terrain category Terex offers 18 cranes, including the 140-ton AC 140 Compact. It earns the compact designation thanks to a carrier that is a mere 2.75m wide and 11.17m long.  Rear axle steering makes this crane extremely manoeuvrable in tight spaces while the 60m main boom gives plenty of lift height. An additional 33m extension can be added for 93m of total height.

Recent Projects Featuring Terex Cranes

In early October engineering firm Penglai Jutal utilized four Terex cranes to help assemble an offshore oil platform in China. Two Terex 6800s and two CC 2500s worked together in a synchronized fashion to lift the steel framework for the platform into place. Without all four crane operators working together, using these highly controllable cranes, the lift wouldn't have been possible.

Earlier this year a U.S.-based Crane service acquired a new Terex AC 500-2 to make it easier to do the work of two 250 ton cranes. The 600 ton AC 500-2 was immediately put to work at an Alabama train yard where heavy press parts needed unloading. The company drove the crane directly to the site along with two flat beds carrying the counterweight. What would have required dual 250 ton cranes and a tandem lift was accomplished using only the AC 500-2.

If you've seen Terex cranes in action you know how they've managed to maintain such a strong reputation. Their tough-as-nails cranes get the job done with raw power and maximum efficiency. If you like Terex cranes you might also want to check out the rest of their heavy equipment.

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