Tadano Ltd: Truck-Mounted & Telescoping Crawler Crane Manufacturers

Tadano Cranes Ltd

Though Tadano Ltd. is now the largest Japanese manufacturer of lifting equipment and aerial platforms, the company didn't start out that way. Tadano was originally founded in 1919 as a steel fabrication outfit based in Takamatsu, Japan. It wasn't until 1948 that they got involved in manufacturing cargo handling equipment; a venture that would later lead to building heavy-duty cranes.

In 1955 Tadano introduced the very first hydraulic truck crane available in Japan. The 2-ton crane proved so successful the company began exporting it to Indonesia just five years later. Since then Tadano has grown exponentially in both reputation and product offerings. Their goal is to become the world's number one producer of lifting equipment for all applications.

Tadano Crane Categories

Tadano is pretty much in line with most other manufacturers in terms of the types of cranes they build. All of their models fit into one of the following categories:

  • Truck-Mounted Cranes - Truck-mounted cranes are designed primarily for light duty work. Tadano manufacturers them by building the telescoping boom and hydraulic system on the chassis of a standard commercial flat bed. These cranes are typically used for the delivery of construction materials and hoisting roof trusses for residential and light commercial construction.
  • Truck and All Terrain Cranes - Tadano's all-terrain and truck categories feature cranes suitable for light to heavy lifting in areas where the terrain is not necessarily accessible by paved roads. These cranes typically feature telescoping booms, independent operator cabs, and a variety of jib and tool options.
  • Rough Terrain Cranes - For work requiring the flexibility of rubber tire transport and the stability of a crawler, Tadano makes a line of rough terrain cranes. These machines are known for their ruggedness, reliability, and stability both on and off road. They're not the best suited for over the road transport because they are unusually slow and not very manoeuvrable.
  • Telescoping Crawler Cranes - Tadano offers 11 different models of telescoping crawlers. These are the largest in the Tadano stable offering heavy lifting capacity and stability. It's important to note the company doesn't manufacture any lattice boom cranes in the crawler category.

Most Popular Tadano Cranes

Tadano ZR 560 Truck Mounted Crane Series

Tadano ZR-560 Truck Mounted Crane Series

Tadano's ZR 560 series of truck-mounted cranes are seen regularly on Japan's roadways. They are one of the favourite cranes for moving and unloading construction materials, especially in close packed cities. Being that it's mounted on the back of a standard commercial truck the ZR 560 is still easy to get around narrow streets without trouble. It features an extra long telescoping boom, parabox outriggers, and a centralized control panel.

In the rough terrain category one of Tadano's most often used models is the 80-ton GR-800 EX. Its 47m telescoping boom can be extended an additional 10m with an optional jib. All the controls are integrated into the driver's cab for maximum efficiency of space, eliminating the need for separate operator cab. The biggest downside to the GR-800 EX is the 12m length of the boom went fully retracted.

Tadano GR800 Rough Terrain Crane

Tadano GR-800 EX Rough Terrain Crane

Recent Projects Involving Tadano Cranes

Tadano's ATF 400G-6 is the newest product in their all-terrain line. The company had high hopes for this Crane from the time its design stage first began at their German manufacturing facility. They were more than pleased with the performance of the crane during his very first real world job: working in tandem with the 65- ton crane to install a 100-ton heavy press. While the other crane needed to be supported with a sideways super lift, the 400G-6 proved tough enough on its own thanks to Tadano's extra strong boom technology.

In Quebec the GTC-700EX telescoping crawler Crane is making a good impression as well. Icanda Corporation recently put one to the test, combining it with pile driving system from Birmingham to drive 355mm piles for a new bridge. The project in Saint Méthode required a crane that could progressively adapt to the terrain while also handling the pile driving equipment. It was never a problem for the GTC-700EX.

Tadano may not manufacture the world's biggest cranes, but their products are more than up to the task. That's one of the reasons why the company continues to grow at a steady pace.

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