Tadano GTC-1000EX Crawler Crane

photo showing Tadano GTC-1000EX Crawler Crane

The crawler crane is unique in the world of heavy equipment for a number of reasons. As such, it's hard to find good crawlers that are capable of doing the hard work without a lot of maintenance and other things to worry about. The Tadano GTC-1000EX was built specifically to get the job done with as little hassle as possible.

The GTC-1000EX offers 100 tons of lifting capacity on a stable frame and track that has no need for outriggers. In addition, it can move its load around the job site with ease, provided a skilled operator knows what he's doing. This gives you a decided advantage on job sites where you're using a crane to do numerous tasks throughout the day.

On a commercial construction site for example, your GTC-1000EX might be utilized to unload trusses from a flat bed, then moved around corner to help start putting those trusses in place. With no complicated set-up and preparation, your crane is ready to use virtually as soon as you put it in park.

The biggest disadvantage to the crawler crane is the fact that it needs to be transported on the back of a flat bed. It's not suitable for driving in traffic so moving from one job site to the next can be a bit of a chore. But for job sites where the crane will be around for a while, a Tadano GTC-1000EX crawler offers you a lot of flexibility and raw power.

The Frame

The crane itself sits on two side frames of welded steel connected to a track group on either side. The side frames can be extended and retracted hydraulically as conditions warrant; everything is controlled from within by the operator. Each track is an independent travel system with its own two-speed track drive and hydraulic axial piston motor. At low speed the tractor can reach .7 km/h while at high speed it will reach 2 km/h. gradeability is 60% with no load.

The frame and track system present a low centre of gravity which allows the GTC-1000EX to be an effective pick and carry crane. The heavy-duty track system makes its way through mud and snow like nobody's business, and the manoeuvrability is outstanding.

The entire package is driven by a Cummins QSM11 four-cylinder diesel engine. These engines are used all over the world for a variety of applications including construction vehicles, marine vehicles, and industrial vehicles. This particular engine has a power output of 280 kW at 2100 rpm.

The Boom

The GTC-1000EX features a four section telescoping boom with full power synchronization. Two hydraulic cylinders, and both extension and retraction cables, do the work of sizing the boom; it can be extended from 12.8m to 39m.  The crane's hydraulic system can fully extend the boom in just 116 seconds while elevation can be achieved in 74 seconds. Elevation angles range from -1° to 80°.

An optional, swingaway lattice boom extension can be added to give another 10.7m in length. A swingaway lattice jib stores with the extension to provide an additional 7.6m. Maximum lift height with both the extension and jib is 58.4m.

Tadano includes a main boom head, and auxiliary boom head, a hook block, and a headache ball. They also include main and auxiliary winches with two-speed planetary gears, hydraulic motors, and internal disk brakes.

The Operator's Cab

With most older crawler tractors the operator's cab was built solely for functionality and nothing else. Tadano certainly included functionality in their design for the GTC-1000EX but also added a little comfort as well. In the all-steel modular cab you'll find an acoustical lining to keep the noise out, an anti-slip floor, and a fabric seat with six adjustment options.

The cab features tinted safety glass, wipers on both front and top, work lights, rear-view cameras, full dash instrumentation, and load moment indicators. The seats also include termination switches that immediately shut down operation should the operator leave his seat or lift the arm rest.

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