Specialist Crane Hire Ltd: Scotland, North England, Midlands & Wales

photo showing Specialist Crane Hire Lt

Specialist Crane traces its roots back to 1965 and original owner Andrew Jardine. The company serves most of Northwest England and, more recently, the Midlands and Wales after the acquisition of two other local crane hire companies. Specialist Crane was acquired itself in 2002 by Specialist Hire Group.

At the heart of everything they do is the idea of safety. The company puts a lot of emphasis on training, certification, planning, and safe execution. Their training courses not only benefit their own team members, but also other companies that need top-notch training for their people as well.

Specialist Crane's most important achievement lies in the fact that it was one of the first UK crane hire companies to earn ISO 9002 certification. That certification paved the way for the company to be heavily involved in nuclear power and other utilities. All of the company’s crane operators hold CPCS certification.

Areas Serviced by Specialist Crane Hire

Specialist Crane describes their service area as extending "from the Scottish Borders down to the Midlands and Wales." The depots are located in Bishop Auckland, Lancaster, Telford, and Wigan. Those four locations give the company shore-to-shore access in the heart of the UK's midsection. The company's website provides contact information for each of the four depots along with map locations.

Their entire fleet of cranes is available on either a hire or contract basis. Straight crane hire involves just the crane and an operator under the assumption the client is providing planning and execution expertise according to regulations. In the absence of certified professionals able to carry out planning and execution a contract agreement can be arranged in which the company provides everything.

Specialist Crane Hire Industries and Sectors

In addition to the company's truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes, they also maintain a fleet of lorry-mounted cranes with capacities up to 53 tons. That gives them access to urban and light construction jobs needing materials handling and light to moderate lifting. You can find Specialist Crane in the following sectors:

  • Energy - The energy sector is one of the specialities for Specialist Crane. They are regularly involved in nuclear power plant renovation and reconstruction, erection of windmills, and coal and gas power plant construction. The energy sector requires a very specific skill set and equipment due to the sensitive nature of objects being lifted.
  • Industrial - Alongside the company's expertise in the energy sector is also a heavy dose of industrial and manufacturing construction. Like energy, industrial builds often involve specialised machinery and building designs required specific skill sets for crane operators.
  • Road Construction - Some of the smaller Specialist cranes can be found in road construction projects involving sewer lines, drainage ditches and retention ponds, small bridges, etc. Heavier cranes are used on bigger road projects like new bridge construction.
  • Marine - The marine sector is one which sees Specialist Crane moving cargo and lifting smaller boats in and out of water. It's not uncommon to see one of their cranes at both cargo ports and private docs.
  • Light Construction - Specialist Crane's lightest truck-mounted cranes and Lori-mounted cranes are used most often in light residential construction and materials handling. They can be used to lift roof trusses, large glass panes, cupolas, and other architectural features. Materials handling jobs would include loading and unloading things like concrete blocks, landscaping features, roofing shingles, timber, and more.

Recent News Featuring Specialist Crane Hire

Specialist Hire Group tends to keep news about their accomplishments pretty low-key. As such, there's not much to say about current projects they've been working on -- though there are plenty of. The most notable news story from the company in the last year is its acquisition of a new Liebherr LTM 1040. The 40-ton all-terrain Crane sports a 35m telescoping boom on a two-axle transporter.

As a smaller crane hire company working in a more limited area, Specialist Crane isn't the biggest name in crane hire and transport. But they are steadily growing and building their reputation at the same time. If their parent company continues growth through acquisition it could be just a matter of time before Specialist Crane could be a major player.

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