Southern Cranes Hire: London & South East England

photo showing Southern Cranes & Access/Southern Contract Lifting

For more than 20 years Southern Cranes has been serving London and south-east England with dependable access solutions. In the arena of mobile cranes the company offers a set of truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes ranging from 60 tons to 220 tons, plus city cranes, mobile towers, and pick and carry cranes.

Southern Cranes is more than just a crane hire company, however. Their access equipment includes telescoping and articulating lifts, scissor lifts, and telehandlers. Their transport division offers tractor-trailers and flat beds for a variety of equipment and materials transport. Some of the materials trucks may come equipped with appropriately sized cranes.

The company is especially proud of their contract lifting service which handles everything from start to finish. On a contract lift Southern Cranes will visit your site, assess the surroundings and circumstances of your lift, plan it thoroughly, and execute it according to regulations. They'll also handle the insurance and provide a full crew including crane supervisors and signallers.

Areas Serviced by Southern Cranes

Southern Cranes services primarily the London area and south-east of England. Their depots are spread across the south-east region for easy access. Their website doesn't provide any information about individual depots so you'll be required to call their main office in order to get further information.

Southern Cranes Industries and Sectors

Even though Southern Cranes does more than just crane hire we won't deal with the access portion of the business here. Instead, we'll focus on the sectors where you're most likely to see the company's cranes working. Those sectors include:

  • Industrial and Manufacturing - Southern Cranes' primary area of focus is the industrial and manufacturing sector. Their larger mobile cranes are involved in plant construction and renovations, heavy lifting required for roof work, and unloading and placing new machinery. Smaller cranes are used for materials handling and machine movement.
  • Urban construction and rehabilitation - Southern Cranes has a good fleet of compact city cranes perfect for urban construction and rehabilitation. The compact size allows them to navigate city streets with ease and lift loads of up to 70 tons even in restricted spaces.
  • Materials Handling - The company's fleet of lorry-mounted cranes are ideal for materials handling and moving equipment and machinery. You might find these cranes transporting concrete blocks, modular home components, roofing materials, or landscaping elements.
  • Heavy Construction - The heavy cranes in the Southern Cranes fleet are the lifters you would expect to see on heavy construction sites like power plants and bridge projects. With lift capacities of hundreds of tons, these are the cranes clients call on for the toughest jobs.
  • Rail, Marine, and Construction Yards - For moving heavy materials around a yard there's no better option than a pick and carry crane. Southern Cranes pick and carry cranes are a good option for rail yards, docks and shipping depots, and long-term construction sites with extensive materials handling needs.

Range of Cranes for Hire

  • Mobile Cranes

      • Terex ATT350 - 35T
      • Terex AC35 - 40T
      • Tadano ATF40G - 40T
      • Liebherr LTM 1040 - 40T
      • Terex ATF50G - 50T
      • Tadano ATF50G - 50T
      • Grove GMK3055 - 55T
      • Liebherr LTM 1055 - 55T
      • Terex AC80 - 80T
      • Liebherr LTM1080 - 80T
      • Tadano ATF90G - 90T
      • Terex AC100 - 100T
      • Grove GMK5220 - 220T
  • City Cranes

    • Kobelco RK200 - 20T
    • Terex AC30C - 30T
    • Liebherr LTC1045 - 45T
    • Terex AC55C - 55T
    • Terex AC70C - 70T
  • Mobile Tower Cranes

    • Liebherr MK88 - 8T
  • Lift & Carry

  • Terex AT14 - 14T

Recent News Featuring Southern Cranes

In September Southern Cranes was called on to perform a lift at the Queensbury Arms, one of Britain's smallest pubs. Making the job difficult were the narrow streets they had to navigate in order to get their crane in the right spot. The company chose a Terex AC70C for its combination manoeuvrability and 70-ton lifting capacity. Much to the delight of both Southern Cranes and the customer, the AC70C pulled right up and got right to work. In no time at all the lift was complete and the crane returned to the depot.

In May the company was proud to be part of building the Bomber Command Memorial in London's Green Park. The memorial, which opened this past June, is dedicated to the memory and honour of more than 55,000 members of the RAF Bomber Command that lost their lives during World War II.

Southern Cranes dispatched a 100 ton Terex AC 100 to the site where it was put to work lifting the heavy concrete pieces into place. Work on the Memorial began in May.

Southern Cranes & Access is proud to be part of the UK crane hire business. They continue to strive to offer the best equipment, customer service, and contract lifting in south-east England.

Find out more about their crane services at Southern Cranes