Quinto Crane Hire: Chelmsford, Hertford, Ipswich, Leicester, Norwich

photo showing  Quinto Crane and Plant Ltd

In 1977 Quinto Crane and Plant Ltd. was created from a management buyout of RMC, owned at time by the Pointer Group. Ivor Kiddle led that buyout and remains the company's director today. Under his leadership Quinto has continued to grow and prosper in a highly competitive industry.

Quinto now employs 80 fully qualified crane operators as well as a fully trained support staff taking care of the office, working in sales, and servicing equipment. The company's training department is CITB certified, and they are a proud member of both the Construction Plant-Hire Association and the British Safety Council.

Quinto offers crane hire services in which the customer take full responsibility for lift planning, project execution, and regulatory compliance. Customers who would prefer to leave all those details to Quinto can avail themselves of their professional contract services. Under a contract scenario Quinto takes care of everything from start to finish.

Areas Serviced by King Lifting Quinto

Quinto is primarily active in the central-west portion of England. They currently have depots in: Chelmsford, Hertford, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Leicester, Norwich, Peterborough, and Great Yarmouth. From these various depots their fleet of mobile cranes spreads out across the region.

Customers in East Anglia, the East Midlands, and the greater London area have access to mobile cranes with capacities of up to 120 tons. Quinto also offers specialised equipment, mobile tower cranes, and powered access platforms certain companies may need to comply with at height work regulations.

Quinto Industries and Sectors

As a smaller regional company Quinto does not focus on any one industry or sector. That said, the fact that their largest crane has a capacity of only 120 tons means customers will not be using them for extreme heavy lifting situations. As a general rule you can expect to see Quinto cranes being used for:

  • General Construction - The general construction category denotes both residential and commercial construction projects. Their smaller cranes would be ideal for modular home building, customized home building, office construction, and light industrial and manufacturing. Smaller cranes could also be used for materials handling on construction sites.
  • Infrastructure - Small scale infrastructure projects are another area where Quinto cranes are helpful. These would include bridge rehabilitations, water and sewer projects, road upgrades, and so on.
  • Industrial and Machinery - One area of speciality for Quinto is that of machinery installation and removal. In manufacturing and other industrial environments the company provides the right cranes to get equipment and machinery in and out. Some of the bigger crane hire companies don't do with this sort of work because they have bigger things to worry about.
  • Municipal Utility Work - Quinto is probably most well known for their smaller truck-mounted and speciality cranes capable of light duty jobs in urban environments. They might be called upon to access water pumping units, install utility poles, etc.

Recent News Featuring Quinto Cranes

Late last year Quinto was called on by a local utilities provider to lift a bore pump for inspection and then lower it for re-installation. Due to low hanging power lines a typical mobile would not have made it to the job site. But Quinto loaded one of their mini crawlers on the back of a flat bed and delivered it to the site without issue.

Despite the tight space requirements the mini crawler moved right into place, extended its spiderlike outriggers, and went to work. It performed flawlessly throughout the entire project.

Quinto is also proud of the work they did at RAF Base Cosford late last year. Again, they were called on for a smaller job that larger companies wouldn't bother taking on. For this job Quinto provided a dual axle mobile crane to remove engines from an aircraft that was under restoration. The company hiring Quinto complemented Quinto on the professionalism and service provided by the crane operator.

Quinto Crane is proof that a company doesn't need to be a giant monolith in order to offer good service. Smaller, regional companies specialising in niche jobs the big boys don't want can be just as competitive and professional. Thankfully, these companies exist to provide a lot of specialised services that are otherwise hard to come by.

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