NMT Crane Hire UK: Buckinghamshire, Watford, Cambridge and Northampton

photo showing NMT Crane Hire

NMT Crane Hire is a family-owned business started by brothers Nick, Mark, and Tim Ambridge in 1976. After more than 30 years in the business the brothers have built a company with a reputation for high-quality cranes, expert planning and execution, and a commitment to incomparable service.

The brothers started their business as a Bedford-based recovery and salvage company. However, the need for mobile cranes in order to be competitive lead to further investments and an ever-increasing fleet. That philosophy of investing in the latest and greatest equipment is one of the things that drive NMT. In just the last three years they've invested some £10 million in new cranes and upgrades.

The company offers equipment in several different categories including city cranes, light mobile cranes, heavy mobile cranes, mobile towers, and stationary towers. Their new cranes sales division provides clients with their own equipment while their transport division offers trucks and trailers to move machinery, equipment, boats, planes, and just about anything else.

Areas Serviced by NMT Crane Hire

NMT offers crane hire service throughout the UK from their facilities at Buckinghamshire, Watford, Cambridge, and Northampton. Their entire fleet is serviced at their in-house workshops by expert fitters and mechanics. All operators are fully trained and CPCS certified as well. You can contact the company by calling or visiting their headquarters in Bedford.

NMT Industries and Sectors

NMT's vast selection of mobile and stationary cranes gives them access to just about any industry. There are couple of sectors, however, which the company excels at. They are:

  • Television and Film - Few crane hire companies in the UK deal with television and film jobs. Of those that do, not many have the reputation enjoyed by NMT. The company is the official mobile crane and plant hire partner of Global Film Supplies, a company that supplies nearby Pinewood Studios with the equipment they need to film. Pinewood is responsible for blockbusters like Pirates of the Caribbean and several of the James Bond films.
  • Heavy Construction - The engineering experience the Ambridge brothers bring to Crane hire is one of the reasons they are in such high demand for heavy construction projects. NMT cranes have been involved in high-rise construction, stadium building and renovation, theme Park construction, power plant construction, and other large-scale projects. They offer cranes with some of the greatest lift capacities in the UK.
  • Plant Hire - As extensive as the NMT Crane fleet is, they supplement that fleet with a full line of plant hire equipment as well. Industrial and manufacturing operations can rent mobile cranes as well as lift buckets, fork trucks, and an entire army of plant hire solutions according to their needs. Whether for materials handling or moving around equipment and machinery it's conceivable that an industrial operation could hire all of its lift equipment from NMT.

Range of Cranes for Hire

  • Kato 10 Ton City Crane
  • LOCATELLI 20 Ton City Crane
  • Terex Demag 30 Ton City Crane
  • Terex Demag 40 Ton City Crane
  • Terex Demag 70 Ton City Crane
  • Grove 30 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 35 Ton PPM Short Boom Crane
  • Terex Demag 35 Ton PPM Long Boom Crane
  • Terex Demag 50 Ton Crane
  • Liebherr 55 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 60 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 80 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 100 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 100 Ton LONG Boom Crane
  • Terex Demag 200 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 250 Ton Crane
  • Terex Demag 350 Ton Crane
  • Spierings 4 Axle Mobile Tower Crane
  • Spierings 5 Axle Mobile Tower Crane
  • Spierings 6 Axle Mobile Tower Crane
  • Spierings 7 Axle Mobile Tower Crane
  • Terex Demag 1000 Ton Crane

Recent News Featuring NMT Crane Hire

The scope and reach of NMT's business insures the company is regularly in the news. One of the biggest stories of the year was the company's continued investment in new equipment including taking delivery of the first Terex Challenger AC3180 in the UK. The 60-ton mobile crane offers the longest telescoping boom in the three-axle category at 50m.

The previous November NMT took delivery of one of the first Terex AC200-1P all-terrain cranes to arrive in the UK. The AC200 is a six-axle, 200-ton mobile with a 68m boom. NMT invested in both cranes as part of their ongoing mission to continually upgrade and enhance their fleet with the latest technologies.

Outside of investments, NMT is among a group of crane hire companies in the UK pushing for the introduction of anti-entrapment devices to protect operators of telescoping booms in the case of an accident. These accidents are rare, but they are often fatal when they do occur. NMT is as committed to safety as they are their financial investments.

The company already a supplies appropriate safety devices on every job where their cranes are used. NMT officials have said they will keep an eye on regulatory developments to make sure that they meet or exceed all safety initiatives put forth in the coming and months and years.

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