Crane Hire Companies in the UK

crane hiring companies

Reputable Crane Hiring & Leasing Companies

We have listed below some of the most reputable and well known crane hiring companies in the UK. We would recommend you read through each companies profile and visit their website before choosing which one to hire or even contact first. Most of the companies offer services spanning the whole of the UK so we are positive that you will be able to find a company that fits your purpose. The companies are not listed in any sort of favourable order.

Ainscough Cranes (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Ainscough CranesAinscough Crane Company got its start in 1976 when Gerald Ainscough set up shop just north-west of Manchester. By 1984 his three sons had taken over the business and were well on their way to making Ainscough crane the largest crane hire company in the UK. By 2004 the company was employing 1,000 individuals with a total fleet of 700 machines.

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Baldwins Crane Hire Ltd (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Terex-Franna MAC 25-3 craneBaldwins Crane Hire was established in 1957 as a small operation specializing in industrial moving. Since then the company has expanded to include heavy lifting coverage throughout the UK, building a reputation that now seems them working on the most high-profile jobs in the country.

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Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd (Most of Mainland UK)

photo showing Terex-Franna MAC 25-3 craneSouth East England is home to Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd., one of the country's premier crane hire companies offering the biggest mobile cranes in the business. The company prides itself on offering only the most modern and up-to-date equipment 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Bronzeshield rents everything from 7-ton city cranes all the way up to 500-ton tower cranes.

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City Lifting (London & Southern Coast)

photo showing City LiftingIn 1981 City Lifting was established to provide crane hire to the greater London area. Since then the growth of their client base has facilitated the company expanding into most of southern England. Today they work on some of the most complicated lifts in the London area.

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Davies Crane Hire (Covering Wales)

photo showing Davies Crane HireDavies Crane Hire was established by Malcolm Davies in 1973. Since the early days they have expanded to include a fleet of dozens of cranes and transport vehicles. The smallest cranes start with the lift capacity of 8 tons and are perfect for light construction and city jobs. Their heaviest cranes can lift up to 250 tons for those bigger jobs.

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Emerson Crane Hire Ltd (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Emerson Crane Hire LtdSince 1991 Emerson Crane Hire has been a family operated business built on integrity, technical expertise, and complete objectivity. Their goal is to deliver the finest crane hire service at maximum efficiency and safety. They are members of the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA), Freight Transport Association (FTA), and RoSPA.

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Emsley Crane Hire Ltd (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Terex-Franna MAC 25-3 craneIn 1947 Joe Emsley started his business as a 24-hour vehicle recovery service in Yorkshire. Not long after he purchased a jib crane to augment his lift capabilities and expand his business to construction sites. From there Emsley cranes grew and expanded over the next several decades.

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Hewden (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing HewdenHeadquartered in Edinburgh, Hewden was established in 1961 as a plant hire company. At the same time entrepreneur Matthew Goodwin was getting Hewden off the ground, a man named Ron Stuart was launching RG Stuart Plant. The two merged in 1967 and Hewden-Stuart was born.

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J. Hewitt Crane Hire Ltd (Covering North East England)

photo showing J. Hewitt Crane Hire LtdJ. Hewitt Crane Hire has been in the Hewett family since its founding in 1980. They are a smaller crane hire company when compared to some of the bigger names, but they provide excellent service to England's North East and the North Yorkshire area. Their fleet of 26 mobile telescoping cranes start at 8 tons lift capacity and go up to 200 tons.

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John Sutch Cranes Ltd (Covering North West England including Liverpool & Manchester)

photo showing John Sutch Cranes LtdJohn Sutch Cranes Ltd. got its start in 1990 when company owner John Sutch purchased his first crane. Sutch already had years of experience in the crane hire industry and set out to start a new breed of crane business. His primary goal was to embrace emerging technologies and combine it with personalized attention to every customer. In the 22 year since he has made quite a name for himself and his company.

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King Lifting (Covering South England, Midlands, South Wales)

photo showing King LiftingAlthough relatively new by industry standards, King Lifting has made its mark in the UK crane hire business. The company was established in 1982 by current managing director Bob King. At the heart of King's vision was to provide crane hire across Europe that was both affordable and reliable.

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Mammoet UK Ltd (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Mammoet UK LtdMammoet UK Ltd. is the UK arm of a massive Dutch company known simply as Mammoet. In the UK Mammoet specializes in lifting and transport solutions for the heaviest jobs. As far as Crane hire goes, the company offers mobile cranes, crawlers, towers, and rig cranes. All of them can be used in combination with Mammoet's transport solutions to bring in items to be lifted or haul them away.

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Marsh Plant Hire (Covers South West England including Central London up to Midlands as far as Notingham)

photo showing Marsh Plant HireIn terms of general plant and crane hire companies, customers in southern England and the Midlands region have several options to choose from including Marsh Plant Hire. The company rents cranes ranging from 8 to 130 tons lift capacity made by some of the most well-known manufacturers like Grove, Demag, Liebherr, Kato, Terex, and Faun. Cranes can be utilized on a hire or contract basis.

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Millennium Crane Hire (London & M25 Corridor)

photo showing Millennium Crane HireMillennium Crane Hire is a full-service provider of mobile cranes in the UK. Their philosophy is a little different than that of some other competitors inasmuch as they want to keep lifting at a minimum by offering the most efficient cranes and best planning in the business. They encourage customers to allow them to be involved at the earliest stages of a project to ensure these goals are met.

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NMT Crane Hire (Nationwide Coverage)

photo showing Millennium Crane HireNMT Crane Hire is a family-owned business started by brothers Nick, Mark, and Tim Ambridge in 1976. After more than 30 years in the business the brothers have built a company with a reputation for high-quality cranes, expert planning and execution, and a commitment to incomparable service.

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Quinto Crane and Plant Ltd (Central West England inc. Chelmsford, Hertford, Ipswich, King's Lynn, Leicester, Norwich, Peterborough)

photo showing Quinto Crane and Plant LtdIn 1977 Quinto Crane and Plant Ltd. was created from a management buyout of RMC, owned at time by the Pointer Group. Ivor Kiddle led that buyout and remains the company's director today. Under his leadership Quinto has continued to grow and prosper in a highly competitive industry.

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Southern Cranes (Covering London & South East England)

photo showing Southern CranesFor more than 20 years Southern Cranes has been serving London and south-east England with dependable access solutions. In the arena of mobile cranes the company offers a set of truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes ranging from 60 tons to 220 tons, plus city cranes, mobile towers, and pick and carry cranes.

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Specialist Crane Hire Ltd (Covering Scotland, North England, Midlands & Wales)

photo showing SennebogenSpecialist Crane traces its roots back to 1965 and original owner Andrew Jardine. The company serves most of Northwest England and, more recently, the Midlands and Wales after the acquisition of two other local crane hire companies. Specialist Crane was acquired itself in 2002 by Specialist Hire Group.

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Whyte Crane Hire (Covering Scotland)

photo showing Tadano LtdWilliam Whyte Cargo Handlers Ltd. was founded in 1983 in Aberdeen. The family-owned business was established around a core of crane hire and cargo handling. As the company grew they expanded to include additional services including plant hire, industrial storage, cargo and materials distribution, and personnel training.

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