Millennium Crane Hire in London - Truck Mounted & All-Terrain Cranes

photo showing Millennium Crane Hire

Millennium Crane Hire is a full-service provider of mobile cranes in the UK. Their philosophy is a little different than that of some other competitors in asmuch as they want to keep lifting at a minimum by offering the most efficient cranes and best planning in the business. They encourage customers to allow them to be involved at the earliest stages of a project to ensure these goals are met.

The company's fleet includes truck-mounted cranes, city cranes, and all-terrain telescoping boom cranes. Between the three classes Millennium is able to handle most jobs from 25 tons to 120 tons. Cranes are available either on a hire basis or contract basis.

Companies wishing to engage in crane hire must provide a certified appointed person to plan and execute the lift according to government regulations. Companies without such a person are encouraged to take advantage of Millennium's contract service. A contract hire means Millennium provides the appointed person, plans and executes the lift, completes the paperwork, and provides the necessary insurance.

Areas Serviced by Millennium Crane Hire

Millennium Crane's offices and depot are located right in the heart of London. The city and surrounding suburbs are the company's main areas of coverage, though they operate all along the M25 corridor. Crane service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week as is their breakdown service and recovery service. Complete details can be found on the company's website.

Millennium Industries and Sectors

Millennium Crane Hire provides service for a variety of industries and sectors. Their 120-ton maximum lift capacity means they won't be handling some of the really big jobs their competitors take on, but they are very competitive in other sectors including:

  • Materials Handling - Millennium's truck-mounted and city cranes are used extensively for materials handling in industrial, manufacturing, and light construction environments. City cranes are especially adept at pick and carry operations at manufacturing plants, rail yards, and shipping depots.
  • Light Marine - When cranes are needed for water craft recovery or seasonal boat lifting, Millennium Crane Hire provides excellent service. They also can assist with salvage operations utilising floating barges.
  • Utilities - The utilities sector requires mobile cranes with decent lifting capacity and plenty of mobility. The truck-mounted and all-terrain cranes from millennium provide just what utility companies need. It's not uncommon to see their cranes lifting and installing tower lighting, utility poles, water lines, sewers, etc. One of their more recent utility projects was the installation of tower lighting and the Barnet Football Club field.
  • Vehicle and Equipment Recovery - When a plant hire company has an overturned backhoe, they need a crane hire company to recover their equipment. Millennium works extensively with other equipment companies for recovery purposes. Their operations also include recovery operations for cars, trucks, and other vehicles.
  • Residential Construction - Millennium provides mobile cranes for residential and light commercial construction. This would include housing units, retail space, and small office buildings.

Recent News Featuring Millennium Crane Hire

If you're a regular customer of Millennium Crane Hire you're probably familiar with the Help for Heroes calendar featuring one of their cranes. The company made the news in late 2011 when they joined other crane hire providers to produce the tongue-in-cheek calendar to raise money for charity. Various crane hire companies provided cranes and models to fill up the various months with photographs. It was a huge success and benefit to Help for Heroes.

On a more serious note the company accepted delivery of a new Terex Demag AC40/2L earlier this year. The 40-ton all-terrain crane offers a main boom at 37.4m with an 8m extension. The two-axle carrier provides easy handling over the road for a truly mobile crane suitable for both urban and suburban environments.

Although Millennium Crane Hire services only a small portion of the UK they do so with a commitment to customer service and quality equipment. Their friendly and dedicated staff has the expertise to plan and execute your lift according to the highest safety standards. The company encourages you to contact them at their London depot for information about how they can help you.

Find out more about their crane services at Millennium Crane Hire