Marsh Plant Crane Hire

photo showing Marsh Plant Hire

In terms of general plant and crane hire companies, customers in southern England and the Midlands region have several options to choose from including Marsh Plant Hire. The company rents cranes ranging from 8 to 130 tons lift capacity made by some of the most well-known manufacturers like Grove, Demag, Liebherr, Kato, Terex, and Faun. Cranes can be utilized on a hire or contract basis.

All of Marsh Plant's crane operators hold valid CPCS task cards; all other crew members, including supervisors and signallers, have been fully trained and certified. If a crane is utilized on a hire basis the customer is responsible for making sure the lift is planned and executed according to regulations. Customers who prefer can hire them on a contract basis and Marsh Plant will then take care of lift planning and execution.

Areas Serviced by Marsh Plant

Marsh Plant describes their service area to be a "triangle with the corners at Brighton, Exeter and Nottingham." The company has six depots located in Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Middlesex, Oxfordshire, and Somerset. On the company website you can find the address and contact information for each facility.

From those six depose the company spreads out its fleet of cranes throughout their service area. Friendly and knowledgeable staff is always willing to help customers decide on the best crane for their needs.

Marsh Plant Industries and Sectors

Marsh Plant doesn't specifically cite any areas of expertise as to some of their competitors. It would seem the company is an all-purpose crane hire operation with the ability to tackle all sorts of jobs. With cranes ranging from 8 to 130 tons we would expect them to be involved in the following industries and sectors:

  • Energy - Most of the crane hire in the energy sector is for constructing new windmills or power plant construction/rehabilitation. The heavier cranes would be especially helpful for the energy industry given the large-scale components often used in power plant construction.
  • Infrastructure - Some of Marsh Plant's smaller and mid-sized screens are perfect for infrastructure projects involving bridge replacement, sewer replacement, and new road construction. Light manufacturing and office building construction is also another good option where roof mounted HVAC systems need to be lifted to place.
  • Residential Construction - The smallest of the company's cranes would be those used for most residential construction needs. They would be involved in materials handling, lifting and placing roof trusses, assisting with modular home building, and so on. For small commercial buildings they are also useful as well.
  • Current Handling - On a dock or in a rail yard you may find cranes from Marsh Plant. The wheel-based transport systems make it easy for them to get around such environments quickly and easily.
  • Recovery - Marsh Plant has been known to handle vehicle recovery jobs from time to time. For example, a tanker may tip over in a roundabout; a car may end up in a canal or a ditch; a boat might need to be pulled from the water for repairs. Recovery jobs are best handled by mobile cranes with telescoping booms because they can be set up and put to work almost instantly upon arriving at job site.

Recent News Featuring Marsh Plant

In August 2012 Marsh Plant assisted with the installation of a WWII monument on Hayling Island. The monument, part of which was an 11-ton granite stone, was erected to pay tribute to a group of brave commandos known as the Combined Operations Pilotage Parties (COPP). From their home base on Hayling Island they were able to get to the places they were needed by submarine or canoe.

Marsh Plants chose a Tadano Faun ATF90G telescopic crane to lift the granite stone and gently put in place. The 90-ton mobile crane sports a 51.2m main boom. An additional 18m can be achieved through the optional extension.

Though Marsh Plant Hire only services of small regional area of England they are a good choice for your heavy lifting needs up to 130 tons. Feel free to contact any one of their depots information about hire rates. A depot manager will be more than happy to assist you.

Find out more about their crane services at Marsh Plant Hire