Mammoet Crane Hire UK: Mobile Cranes, Crawlers & Towers

photo showing Mammoet UK Ltd

Mammoet UK Ltd. is the UK arm of a massive Dutch company known simply as Mammoet. In the UK Mammoet specializes in lifting and transport solutions for the heaviest jobs. As far as Crane hire goes, the company offers mobile cranes, crawlers, towers, and rig cranes. All of them can be used in combination with Mammoet's transport solutions to bring in items to be lifted or haul them away.

The origins of the company date back to 1807, and waterway transportation. The company that would eventually become the modern Mammoet was engaged in heavy lifting and transportation of goods using barges. Through expansion, acquisition, and product development the modern Mammoet was born in the 1970s.

In 2007 the company was ranked first among IC50 companies, and maintained its number one position on the IC T50 list. Their tradition of building the toughest and most powerful lifting equipment has continued on despite the fact that the company's controlling family sold their shares in 2011, making Mammoet a 100% public company.

Areas Serviced by Mammoet UK

It's safe to say that as a corporate entity, Mammoet operates across the globe. Mammoet UK Ltd. handles the company's needs in the UK with assistance from Mammoet Europe and other regional offices in neighbouring countries. They maintain five offices in UK with their headquarters based in Northumberland.

From those UK offices the company handles sales, rentals, and service issues. On the company's website is a listing of all five offices along with addresses, telephone numbers, and map locations. Consumers who need corporate information are urged to check the corporate website.

Mammoet Industries and Sectors

Mammoet does not designate specific industries and sectors for each regional office. Instead, it takes an overall view in categorizing its businesses. The main sectors they are involved in include:

  • Civil Engineering - What some companies referred to as infrastructure Mammoet sees as civil engineering. Semantics aside, their cranes are used extensively in road and bridge construction, rail projects, and other areas of civil and public sector construction.
  • Mining - Mammoet is one of the few crane hire companies offering lift and transport equipment specific to the mining industry. Being that this industry has some unique requirements, Mammoet has to be on their toes in order to provide the right equipment for each job.
  • Offshore - Another unique sector for Mammoet is offshore drilling operations. Offshore rigs require very specific types of cranes and derricks due to weather conditions and the type of work they are deployed for. Mammoet is one of the industry leaders in the offshore sector.
  • Petrochemical - The petrochemical sector is also a big area for Mammoet. They provide different types of lifting and transport equipment used in plant construction, plant rehabilitation, and even plant demolition.
  • Power - Like the petrochemical sector, the power sector includes plenty of projects with immense lifting needs. Mammoet is involved in the planning and construction of new power plants whether they are electric, fossil fuel, or nuclear powered.

Recent News Featuring Mammoet

Mammoet is involved in so many outstanding projects it's hard to pinpoint one or two as being most important. But at the top of the list is their participation in the massive Amsterdam metro tunnel project. Since the project began Mammoet has been on site with dozens of pieces of equipment.

The company has provided the heavy lifting cranes being used to lift and place the massive sections of the tunnel. On the water Mammoet cranes can be seen mounted on barges and construction boats, while on shore their lifters and transporters are receiving components as they arrive and preparing them for installation. Without Mammoet's involvement it's questionable whether or not the work could be done as efficiently and effectively.

Mammoet is proud to announce that this past summer they were again ranked number one on the IC50 list, holding onto the position for another year. They also maintained their number one position on the IC T50 list. Rankings for both lists are calculated using a number of criteria including the number of cranes in a company's fleet and their combined maximum load rating.

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