Liebherr LG 1750 Mobile Crane

photo showing Liebherr LG 1750 Mobile Crane

Liebherr has taken the mobile Crane category to a new level with the undisputed king of mobiles: the Liebherr LG 1750. This monster combines the best of a Liebherr crawler crane with that of a truck crane to provide a modular package with unparalleled versatility.

Company engineers specifically designed this crane to be modular, borrowing the jib system, boom, and platform from the LR 1750 crawler. Underneath they designed an entirely new compact eight-axle chassis with the ability to carry the monstrous superstructure with ease. The term "special crane chassis" doesn't even do justice to what they've come up with here.

One of the favourite uses for the LG 1750 is bridge construction. The crane's weight capacity, boom and jib length, and radius make it ideal for installing the initial bridge supports upon which the rest of the deck is mounted. But we've also seen the LG 1750 deployed for loading cargo at shipyards, helping erect windmill and communications towers, and helping to erect larger fixed frames at commercial construction sites.

The Carrier

Because the LG 1750 is so unique Liebherr manufactures the carrier in house. The torsion resistant box design makes use of high tensile structural steel for a package that is heavy-duty but relatively light weight. It sits on eight robust axles of which six can be used to steer the crane.

All the axles are fitted with hydro-pneumatic suspension and automatic levelling control. Axles are equalized using air pressure in pairs; i.e., axles one and two are paired as are three and four, five and six, and seven and eight. The suspension for each axle can be blocked hydraulically if necessary.

The Engine

So what does it take to power this monster down the road? How about an eight cylinder diesel engine also made by Liebherr. The water-cooled power plant has a fuel capacity of 600L and bullies its way to job completion with 505 kW of raw power. Maximum torque comes in at approximately 3000 Nm.

With that much power and so many axles to worry about it's a good thing the LG 1750 comes with a fully automatic transmission. The ZF-TC-Tronic drive train offers 12 forward years, two reverse gears, converter control clutch, and a lockable differential.

The Superstructure

There's no point in building such an impressive carrier if you're not going to put an equally impressive superstructure on top of it. Not to worry though, because Liebherr has comes through in a big way. We'll start with the main boom.

The main boom by itself is capable of 400 tons of lift and extension of up to 84m. Increase that extension to 140m with the included derrick system. If you need more, there's plenty to choose from.

Consider a Luffing jib at 28m to 105m. Or perhaps you need the fixed lattice fly jib, the wind plant jib, or the heavy-duty jib. Liebherr offers four different boom and jib packages along with multiple winch package combinations. The flexibility of this crane might be one reason why it is among the company's most popular heavy-duty machines.

Operator Cab

The operator cab in the LG 1750 might easily be considered the deluxe suite of crane cabs. It starts with the usual things: fully adjustable seat with lumbar support, dual joystick controls, and a computerized control system. But the company steps it up a couple of notches by throwing in air-conditioning, bulletproof glass in the roof, safety glazing, heat insulating glass on the side, and hot water heating the operator can control with a  thermostat.

Inside the cab the operator also has complete control of everything through Liebherr's own proprietary computer system. The interactive display lets him keep tabs on everything involving the crane, and all in real-time. Throw in a proprietary data exchange system and a ton of safety features and you have a heavy lifter that easily beats the competition.

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