King Lifting Crane Hire in London, Bristol, Birmingham plus more

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Although relatively new by industry standards, King Lifting has made its mark in the UK crane hire business. The company was established in 1982 by current managing director Bob King. At the heart of King's vision was to provide crane hire across Europe that was both affordable and reliable.

Today the company offers a wide variety of cranes with lift capacities starting at 8 tons. From the smallest of mobile cranes to their 100-ton gantry, the company has crane solutions for just about every need.

Complementing their crane hire is the availability of materials handling and transport. King provides a variety of equipment options enabling customers to bring in the loads that need to be lifted or take away what a crane has already removed. Their customized transport systems can make heavy lifting jobs easier.

Areas Serviced by King Lifting

King Lifting is considered more of a regional company than a national one. Nevertheless, they will rent cranes or transport materials anywhere in Europe. They currently operate from eight facilities in London, East London, Bristol, Birmingham, Southampton, South Wales, Swindon, and Yeovil.

Bob King sees continued growth and expansion for his company well into the future. He plans to open more depots in strategic locations around the UK. Meanwhile, each of the current depots is staffed by a dedicated team of heavy lifting and transport specialists. They are committed to delivering safe and effective solutions perfectly suited to customer needs.

King Lifting Industries and Sectors

King Lifting does not restrict itself to certain industries or sectors. If a customer needs something lifted or transported, and they have the equipment to do the job, they'll get it done. That said, King Lift equipment is used for the following:

  • General Construction - Like most crane hire companies general construction is a big sector for King Lifting. Their mobile cranes are ideal for residential and light commercial construction, while their towers are a more suitable option for taller commercial construction. General construction lifting will include things like materials handling of building supplies, installing heating and air-conditioning units, installing roof trusses, and building modular homes.
  • Industrial and Machinery - The industrial and machinery sector is one area King Lifting excels at. Their smaller cranes may be used for day-to-day operations in an industrial environment while their larger cranes may be deployed to install heavy machinery. Most of their mobile cranes are ideal for these specific types of applications.
  • Specialised Equipment - There aren't many UK companies with a good reputation for quality specialised equipment. King Lifting is one of the few. Their specialised solutions include things like mobile gantry cranes, mini crawlers, compact cranes, and versa lifts. Specialised equipment is designed to go places and do things otherwise not possible for other types of equipment.
  • Transport - The transport sector involves one of two possibilities. The first is a scenario in which a smaller transportation unit is used, enabling the King Lifting crane to be mounted right on the flat bed. The other scenario is for extremely large and heavy objects that need to be transported. In that case a standalone crane does the work of loading and unloading the cargo.

Recent News Featuring King Lifting

King Lifting and American crane manufacturer Terex have had an excellent relationship for quite a long time. It's no surprise then that King Lifting continued its investment in Terex equipment this past year with the purchase of five new cranes. All five cranes are from the all-terrain class; three are 60-ton capacity while the other two are 40-ton. Last year King Lifting purchased two all-terrain cranes as well as a 350-ton AC350/6.

The Terex AC350/6 was put right to work shortly after its acquisition. King Lifting used the crane to lift and place a footbridge in Berkshire, just in time for the annual Reading Festival. The company handled all of the lifting, placement, and assembly phases of the project, then disassembled the bridge and hauled it way following the event's conclusion.

King Lifting may not be the largest crane hire company in the world, but they are making great strides in establishing a solid UK market share. Their commitment to maintaining a top-notch fleet, combined with great customer service, is helping them make a good name for themselves.

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