Kato Works Company Ltd: All-Terrain & Rough Terrain Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Kato Works Company Ltd

Kato Works Company Ltd. began in 1895 as Kato Iron Work. During the 1920s the company was acquired by Japan's Ministry of Railway to manufacture locomotives. It returned to private hands in the 1930s at which time Kato began manufacturing cranes and other mobile construction vehicles.

In the 80 years since Kato has been involved in developing technologies for street sweepers, hydraulic boring rings, and excavators. In 1969 their NK-750 Jumbo was introduced as the world's largest truck Crane. They repeated that feat in 1995 with the introduction of the 500-ton NK-5000.

Kato Crane Categories

Kato produces cranes in four different categories. Interestingly enough, though they use track drive systems for their excavators and boring equipment, they don't make any crawlers. Their four crane categories are:

  • Cargo Cranes - The smallest Kato cranes are those used for materials handling and are mounted to the cab or back of a cargo truck. Typically they are used to load and unload construction materials such as concrete blocks, trusses, timbers, etc.
  • Truck Cranes - Just above the cargo crane category are the company's truck cranes. Mounted on large commercial trucks, these cranes are ideal for residential construction, light commercial construction, and road and bridge projects.
  • Rough Terrain - Rough terrain models are half-way between city cranes and all-terrain cranes. Kato's entries in this category are manoeuvrable enough to take on city streets but tough enough to handle some pretty challenging terrain.
  • All-Terrain - For the most challenging environments Kato makes a line of all-terrain cranes. On these models the boom and hydraulics are mounted on a specially designed chassis capable of going to job sites without direct road access. They are great for heavy-duty lifting at power plants, manufacturing sites, and office buildings.

Popular Kato Cranes

kato nk 550vr truck mounted crane

Kato NK-550VR Truck Mounted Crane

The NK-550VR is the heavier of the two truck cranes from Kato. It is a definite upgrade over the smaller 300E-V, offering a 43m boom, jib options of 9.2 or 15m, and the maximum lift height (with boom and Jim) of 58m. The five-piece telescopic boom can lift up to 55 tons.

Kato SR-700l Rough Terrain Crane

Kato SR-700l Rough Terrajn Crane

If you're looking for a rough terrain crane the Kato SR-700L is a very good choice. Though it's only a two-axle machine its 70-ton lifting capacity gives you plenty of power for those medium-duty jobs on remote construction sites. It has a 5-piece telescoping boom that extends from 10m to 44.5m. With the jib attachment the total lift height is just over 58m.

Kato SR-300l Rough Terrain Crane

Kato SR-300l Rough Terrajn Crane

The smaller SR-300L is an ideal crane for the company that has both city and rural projects. It's small enough to be navigated around metropolitan streets but capable of getting into the dirt as well. The SR-300L offers 30 tons of lifting capability on a telescoping boom extended to 30.5m. Jib options include 17m and 30m.

In the all-terrain category the midrange product is Kato's KA-2200. This six-axle rough rider is built to go just about anywhere at any time. It offers a lift capacity of 220 tons using a 5-piece telescoping boom that can reach heights of up to 50m. This Crane is very popular for servicing Japan's energy infrastructure.

Kato KA-3000 All Terrain Crane

Kato KA-3000 All Terrain Crane

The KA-3000 is even bigger, offering a 300 ton lift capacity. It's built on the same all-terrain chassis as the KA-2200, but it's been beefed up to accommodate the extra 80 tons. It also has a 50m lift height without the addition of the six-stage jib.

Recent News Featuring Kato Cranes

Kato Works Company, Ltd. prefers to keep news about itself and its cranes at a minimum. As such there is a limited amount of newsworthy information found on the company's website and in their printed literature. That said, Kato cranes have been spotted in Indonesia this past summer being used for hotel construction and materials handling at a handful of harbours.

Kato also provided dozens of cranes to help with the clean-up in the aftermath of the devastating 2011 earthquake. The heaviest Kato cranes were used to remove rubble, rebuild buildings, and reconstruct roads and bridges. Kato continues to be one of the most solid manufacturing companies in Japan as well as a major player in the highly competitive mobile crane market.

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