Hire Kato SR-700L Rough Terrain Crane

photo showing Kato SR-700L Rough Terrain Crane

In the class of rough terrain (RT) cranes, Kato's newest entry into the market is the SR-700L. Interestingly enough, the  SR-700L is as much at home working on a Tokyo office building as it is in the countryside helping to construct a new power plant. The company considers it more of an all-terrain option even though it's marketed as an RT crane.

Like all Kato cranes the SR-700L includes the latest technology in order to provide maximum production efficiency and safety. You can see that technology the first time you climb up into the operator cab.

Inside the Cab

The first thing you notice inside the cab is a spacious interior that makes it easy to work a full day without becoming claustrophobic. It's all steel construction provides full-vision glass all the way around as well as a skylight, a fully adjustable seat, wipers and washers on both the wind shield and roof, and more. The oversized panel and instrument cluster are also welcome sight.

Optional equipment includes AM/FM radio, a camera for the winch view, a dedicated cab heater and cooler, and an ACS outside indicator. But even with all the standard and optional accessories there's still one more thing that will blow you away: the electronic control system.

The SR-700L provides comfortable operation with joysticks in either hand plus a computerized load balancing and outrigger system complete with touch-screen display. The full-colour display makes it easy for the operator to keep track of all the weight and balance information and make adjustments on the fly.

Under the Hood

The power plant inside the SR-700L is a Mitsubishi 6D24-TLE2A 11.945L engine. The six-cylinder, water-cooled engine features a direct injection turbocharged system capable of 257 kW of power and 1275 Nm of torque. It is diesel fuelled for maximum power and fuel economy.

The 4x4 transmission features six forward and two reverse gears with planetary axles on both front and rear. The hydro-pneumatic suspension and independent steering capability for both axles gives the crane a very tight turning radius and fairly easy manoeuvrability for its size. That may be one of the reasons why it works so well in urban environments.

For transporting the SR-700L between job sites Kato has designed this tractor with a very low centre of gravity. In doing so they've increased stability and handling to make sure everything stays safe on the road.

The Superstructure

When it's actually time to get to work you'll appreciate the 70 ton capacity the SR-700L offers. That's a lot of lifting power for a mobile RT crane with a 5300mm wheelbase. The six-section boom fully extends to 44.5m while the jib adds an additional 13.2m. The maximum height for both is 45.5m and 58.6m, respectively.

Keeping the crane stable are six outriggers, each with six individual width options. You have four outriggers on each side and one each at the front and back. Each of the hydraulic h-beams features a combined vertical cylinder and float built into a single package. Between the physical components of outrigger system and the computerized controls within the operator cab the SR-700L remains incredibly stable throughout your operation.

Wrapping it Up

Built for quick erection and excellent manoeuvrability Kato's SR-700L is the best of both worlds for a medium duty RT crane. You certainly won't be hoisting 150 tons with this model, but it definitely handles up to 70 pounds with ease. It is a durable and reliable crane with a wide range of applications.

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