Hire Kato SR-300L Rough Terrain Crane

photo showing Kato SR-300L Rough Terrain Crane

Like all Kato cranes the SR-300L puts a special emphasis on operator comfort. Cato has long made this a priority knowing how important driver comfort is in keeping him focused on the tasks he's charged with. Nothing is more dangerous in the heavy lifting environment that an uncomfortable operator who is not paying attention.

The three-axle SR-300L is ideal for construction projects where height is a necessity but a crane's footprint needs to be small. But as a rough terrain option, this crane is equally at home in a rough rural environment as it is in a modern urban setting.

Chassis and Engine

The chassis on the SR-300L is more than just a heavy duty a box of steel beams. Cato has taken it one step further by using modern technology to electronically monitor and adjust chassis parameters so it stays strong and stable even during maximum workload.

In addition, a gross weight of just 26,990kg, an overall length of 11,360mm, and a 3,650 mm wheelbase mean this crane is easy to get around the job site. It's also very manoeuvrable in traffic as well. Kato has given it a minimum turning radius of 8.2 m as well as 57% gradeability and a top speed of 49 km/h.

Driving the whole thing is a six-cylinder, four-cycle Mitsubishi 6M60-TLE3A motor. The 7.5L water cooled engine boasts direct injection turbo-charging that produces up to 200 kW of power and 785 Nm of torque. That's more than enough power to get things done.

Driving the SR-300L is made easier by a fully automatic transmission with for forward gears and one reverse gear. Full power hydraulic steering operates independently on both axles but also allows for lock system to steer only with the front. Taper leaf springs with shock absorbers and hydraulic locking keep the ride smoother no matter the terrain.

Crane Operation

The small size and mobility of the SR-300L means there's no dedicated operators cab. A single, all-steel welded cab is utilized for both transportation and crane operation. Nonetheless, Kato has made the cab as appealing as possible with a fatigue-free adjustable seat, ergonomic hand rests and joysticks, an oversized instrument panel, and full visibility at any angle.

Standard features for the cab include washers and wipers on the windscreen and the skylight, cigarette lighter, and ashtray. Extra options include an AM/FM radio, cab heater and cooling fan, and fire extinguisher.

As for the telescoping boom, it extends from 9.35m to 30.5m in four sections. A two-section jib, offset at 5°or 45°, extends from 7.9 m to 13 m. Maximum lifting height is 31.2m with the boom and 44.8m with the jib. The box-shaped boom includes a simultaneous operation of the third and fourth sections.

The outriggers are hydraulically operated H-beams that can reach 6,600 mm when fully extended. They are controlled and monitored within the cab using the electronic control system. That system also includes safety features like automatic crane stopping (ACS), automatic slewing stop, outrigger status and lock, joystick control safety system, and more.

The SR-300L is an excellent light duty crane for mobile applications where speed, manoeuvring, and small size are important. The popularity of these cranes means you'll see them all over Europe, Asia, and North America.

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