John Sutch Crane Hire in Liverpool, Manchester & North West England

photo showing John Sutch Cranes Ltd

John Sutch Cranes Ltd. got its start in 1990 when company owner John Sutch purchased his first crane. Sutch already had years of experience in the crane hire industry and set out to start a new breed of crane business. His primary goal was to embrace emerging technologies and combine it with personalized attention to every customer. In the 22 year since he has made quite a name for himself and his company.

John Sutch Cranes believes in a team approach in every aspect of their business. As such, management hires individuals with experience in construction and civil and mechanical engineering. All hires are properly trained and certified in lifting sciences, resulting in every team member being on the same page regardless of individual responsibilities.

Like most other crane hire companies in the UK, John Sutch offers two different options: crane hire and crane contract. Crane hire is the cheaper of the two, providing just a crane and operator. The customer takes care of all of the planning and lift execution. If the customer does not have the resources to do so John Sutch will take care of all of it under a contract hire.

Areas Serviced by John Sutch Cranes

John Sutch concentrates their efforts on the north-west portion of England. They operate two depots; one in Liverpool and the other in Manchester. Addresses, phone numbers, and contact information for both depots is listed on the company website. You can also contact them by filling out an online form and allowing them to call you back.

John Sutch Industries and Sectors

John Sutch Cranes hires out city cranes, heavy mobile cranes, all-terrain cranes, and mobile towers. Between the four categories there is almost no job the company can't handle. Places you would typically see a John Sutch Crane would include:

  • Retail Development - Retail shopping centres often depend on heavy mobile cranes for a variety of needs. The cranes may lift wall sections or roof trusses, help with the installation of roof mounted air conditioning, or just move heavy materials around the work site.
  • Manufacturing - John Sutch is often involved in construction projects for the manufacturing sector. For example, a factory might be expanding its building and upgrading equipment at the same time. A heavy mobile crane provides the flexibility and lifting power necessary for both.
  • Sports and Entertainment - The mobile tower cranes offered by John Sutch are very useful for sports and entertainment projects. For example, building a new stadium requires lifting heavy metal struts and glass panels into place. Not only that but arenas tend to be very high, making these jobs difficult for all but the toughest cranes.
  • Residential Construction - The company's smaller city cranes are ideal for modular home construction. Since modules come prefabricated, needing only to be lifted in the place, builders are in need of a crane that is big enough to handle modules but small enough to drive on the roads. That's where a good city crane is most useful.

Recent News Featuring John Sutch Cranes

It may be unusual to combine artistic creativity and mobile cranes, but that's just what John Sutch Crane did this past April in Liverpool. The company was contracted by the city of Liverpool to help put on the Sea Odyssey event marking the 100 year anniversary of the Titanic.

John Sutch provided ten mobile cranes that aided in the event to lift and place parts of sets, yet also to bring the giant characters to life for the gathering's main show. Officials say the hardest part of the job was getting 10 cranes into such a small space. But they succeeded with flying colours.

In June John Sutch agreed to represent Liebherr at the annual Vertical Days training show in Haydock Park. The company displayed and demonstrated a Liebherr LTM-1250 heavy lift all-terrain crane on behalf of the manufacturer.

John Sutch Cranes has been holding their own in the UK crane hire industry for the better part of 20 years. However, their experience with the Sea Odyssey show in Liverpool has vaulted them to the forefront. You can expect to see a lot more from this company in the years to come.

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