J. Hewitt Crane Hire Ltd: Yorkshire & North East England

photo showing J. Hewitt Crane Hire Ltd

J. Hewitt Crane Hire has been in the Hewett family since its founding in 1980. They are a smaller crane hire company when compared to some of the bigger names, but they provide excellent service to England's North East and the North Yorkshire area. Their fleet of 26 mobile telescoping cranes start at 8 tons lift capacity and go up to 200 tons.

J. Hewitt prides itself on its highly experienced workforce including operators and supervisors with experience in industrial environments, civil engineering, petrochemicals, and more. They offer crane service on either a straight hire or contract basis.

Customers choosing straight hire are responsible for all aspects of the lift including insurance, regulatory compliance, and safety. However, J. Hewitt Crane will provide riggers and an "appointed person" at cost if the client needs them. Of course, clients choosing a contract hire don't have to worry about any of those things. J. Hewitt takes care of everything from start to finish.

Areas Serviced by J. Hewitt Crane Hire

J. Hewitt Crane Hire services the North East portion of England with special emphasis on North Yorkshire. Their offices and depot are located in Middlesbrough; the company website provides mailing address, telephone number, and e-mail address.

J. Hewitt Crane Hire Industries and Sectors

J. Hewitt's wide variety of cranes and industrial expertise allows them to be involved in a variety of sectors. Below is a partial list:

  • Petrochemical - The company's experience in the petrochemical sector makes them a great choice for new plant construction, existing plant expansion, equipment installation and removal, piping installation and removal, tank placement, and general yard operations.
  • Urban Construction - The smaller city cranes in the J. Hewitt fleet are perfect for urban construction and rehabilitation projects. For example, building small retail complexes or office buildings often requires lifting large panes of glass and mounted air conditioning units. City cranes are perfect because they're easy to manoeuvre in and around city streets.
  • Sports and Entertainment - J. Hewitt Crane has been seen around town working on several sports and entertainment venues. Their truck-mounted cranes work well for stadium improvements, stage building, rigging of lights and sound systems, etc.
  • Light Construction - The residential, retail, and office construction sectors are often serviced by J. Hewitt's smaller truck-mounted cranes. One example would be modular home or office building where units are created off-site, delivered using flat-bed trucks, and lifted into place with a mobile crane. An experienced operator and crew are capable of completing these types of buildings in a very short my time thanks to mobile cranes that don't need a whole lot of set-up.
  • Materials Handling - Lorry-mounted cranes from J. Hewitt are regularly used for materials handling purposes. The most common applications would be light construction in both residential and retail settings. Lorry-mounted cranes are typically in the 8 ton to 10 ton range and mounted on the backs of standard commercial trucks.
  • Industrial - The industrial environment is another good place to find J. Hewitt cranes. Materials handling in an industrial environment such as a train yard or manufacturing centre require cranes that can pick and carry. City cranes and smaller truck-mounted cranes are perfect for those types of jobs.

Recent News Featuring J. Hewitt Crane Hire

J. Hewitt Crane Hire, Being a small company focusing on a limited geographic area, isn't going to regularly make the news. The most recent news item of interest dates back to November of last year when Yorkshire Bank agreed to make a significant investment of $750,000.

The deal was made as part of the bank's growth initiative under the direction of the Tees Valley Financial Solutions Centre. J. Hewitt used the investment to purchase two brand-new cranes -- one 50-ton and one 60-ton -- as well as hiring a few more employees to operate them. The addition of the two cranes brought the company's total, including lorries, to 32.

Since the Yorkshire Bank deal J. Hewitt Crane Hire has continued to offer quality equipment and contract service to all of their clients. They are looking forward to future expansion of both their fleet and their customer base.

Find out more about their crane services at J. Hewitt Crane Hire Ltd