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Headquartered in Edinburgh, Hewden was established in 1961 as a plant hire company. At the same time entrepreneur Matthew Goodwin was getting Hewden off the ground, a man named Ron Stuart was launching RG Stuart Plant. The two merged in 1967 and Hewden-Stuart was born.

Over the next 20 years the company grew rapidly so that by 1988 it included seven separate divisions spanning 210 depots, 70,000 pieces of equipment, and a workforce of more than 3,000. Eleven years later Hewden-Stuart would re-brand itself as simply "Hewden" before being acquired by a Finnish investment group and divesting itself of some of its operations.

Today a smaller Hewden is part of Sun Capital Partners Inc., an American investment firm with a successful track record of acquiring and growing more than 215 companies around the world. Their investment in Hewden promises to take the company to the next level.

Areas Serviced by Hewden

Hewden services all of mainland UK through a series of 39 depots strategically placed around the country. The company prides itself on being within reach of any customer in two hours or less. They operate depots in Cardiff, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Nottingham, and more.

Most of their depots are open during standard business hours:  8:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday. A select handful open at 7:30 AM. All Hewden depots are closed on public holidays. The company offers a toll-free telephone number on its website as well as individual numbers for the different depots.

Hewden Industries and Sectors

Hewden divides its business into five sectors with dozens of industry sub-categories. Those sectors are:

  • Public Sector - Hewden is an active partner with public-sector projects all across the UK. They provide cranes and other plant equipment for public housing construction, healthcare construction, and dedicated education projects. Their public-sector work can involve anything from constructing a playground to lifting cooling units to the top of a medical facility.
  • General Construction - The company's work in general construction is primarily focused on land preparation in anticipation of building construction. To that end they rent all sorts of equipment, not just cranes.
  • Industrial - The nation's industrial complexes often have need of heavy industrial lifters for day-to-day operations, plant upgrades, or maintenance projects. Hewden provides cranes and other industrial equipment perfect for this sort of environment. Where a plant needs to be shut down the company even provides modular units for office space in the interim.
  • Infrastructure - Hewden has been a major player in many of the UK's most important infrastructure projects. Their fleet of Demag cranes is especially useful for lifting and placing bridge components. The company was heavily involved in infrastructure work done to prepare for 2012 summer Olympics.
  • Environmental - Windmill construction and other renewable energy products are growing in the UK. Hewden is part of that growth, being the sole lift equipment supplier for the Environment Agency.

Recent News Featuring Hewden

Hewden's involvement in infrastructure construction prior to the Summer Olympics was an important milestone for the company. But equally important was the honour of working with Buckingham palace to help precipitate part of the Queen's year-long Diamond Jubilee. A 100-ton crane from the Hewden fleet was given the royal seal of approval to lift the Britannia Royal Barge into the King George V Dock in East London.

The all-terrain Crane handled the job with precision and extreme care, paving the way for her Majesty to use the barge for the first time in 15 years. It was part of a 1,000 vessel flotilla that paraded up the Thames this past June. Many a Brit was able to see the Britannia Royal Barge for the first time, thanks to the excellent work of Hewden.

Also this year, Hewden had the opportunity to help assist in the recommissioning of Europe's second-largest blast furnace at Redcar Steelworks. The enormity of the job required all hands on deck as the company rented not only cranes, but dozens of other types of equipment for the project. It was so massive it required company representatives to remain on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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