Hire Grove TMS800E Truck Mounted Crane

photo showing Grove TMS800E Truck Mounted Crane

Like other truck mounted cranes the TMS800E consists of two sections: the under section which provides the platform and transportation, and the upper section with the boom and hoist. The upper swivels on a hydraulic turntable are powered by the same engine responsible for driving the crane over the road.

Grove designed the TMS800E to be a combination of job site functionality, highway stability, and operator comfort -- both during transport and work. When fully compacted for travel the crane measures 15,182 mm long and 2,618 mm wide, so where a driver doesn't have to worry about weight restrictions it's a very friendly crane to operate on the road. The four-axle chassis with hydraulic steering assist offers a turning radius of 13,746 mm.

The Lower

Grove chose to power the TMS800E using a 10.8 L Cummins QSM 402 diesel engine. This is a six-cylinder engine built with a block heater, distress system, non-canister cold start system, and engine compression break. It puts out an impressive 300 kW at 1,800 RPM and 1,898 Nm of torque at 1400 RPM. Fuel capacity is 379 litres.

You certainly won't win any land speed records driving the TMS800E between jobs, but you will get a comfortable and stable ride that gets both you and the crane to your destination in one piece.

Highway driving is aided by single circuit mechanical steering, an 11-speed (also includes three reverse gears)  Roadranger manual transmission, walking beam suspension with shock absorbers and air bags, and s-cam air brakes on all wheels. The entire package sits on a triple box chassis made of low alloy steel.

The Upper

The upper of the TMS800E begins with the all-aluminium operator's cab. It features hydraulic tilting up to 20 ?, an acoustical lining, and tinted safety glass all the way around. Both the front window and the hinged skylight include washers and wipers, while the skylight also includes a sunscreen. The cab offers additional features like ergonomic controls, adjustable seat, integrated dual controls, and hot-water defroster/heater.

When you're ready to lift the four section MEGAFORMTM boom extends from 12.5m to 39m with a maximum tip height of 41.1m. An offsetting lattice swingaway extension gives an additional 17m and can be offset at 0 ?, 20 ? and 40 ?. Grove also offers even better performance with two optional extension inserts for use with the lattice swingaway extension. With both inserts installed you can extend the boom length an additional 29.3m; the maximum tip height with the inserts is 70.1m.

Inside the cab a graphical display system keeps the operator informed of all load parameters in real time. An audiovisual warning system and control lockout help to make sure operation remains safe. Most importantly, the crane operator can define his own parameters which will trigger alarms if operation gets too close to the limits. The load moment system keeps track of boom angle and length, maximum permissible load, relative load, tip height, etc.

Keeping It Stable

To keep the TMS800E stable Grove utilizes four outriggers with three separate extension options. The outriggers are two-stage, double box beams with hydraulic telescoping and quick release. Each outrigger pad has a maximum load capacity of 101,800 lb.

In terms of counterweights the crane package comes with multiple sections totalling 8,000 pounds of removable counterweight. Grove offers an optional heavy lifting package with two additional sections adding a total of 18,000 pounds. An optional XL counterweight package provides three additional sections with a total weight of 24,000 pounds.

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