Hire Grove GMK5220 All Terrain Crane

Hire Grove GMK5220 All Terrain Crane

Since 2009 several Grove all-terrain models have been at work helping to build a new power plant on Reunion Island. The Indian Ocean island is looking to expand its power capacity in order to boost not only the tourist industry, but also the general quality of electric service to its residents.

The GMK5220 has proven invaluable to this project due to its manoeuvrability and capacity. With very little space to work with the crane must sometimes drive into positions with as little as 25cm clearance to work with. In other cases it must be able to hoist to a height of 60m without much room for error. The crane has performed so admirably the company building the power plant plans to keep it on site until the project is complete sometime in 2014.

The Mechanics

The mechanics of the GMK5220 begin with its five-axle chassis. The chassis itself is made of high-strength steel and has been constructed as a torsion resistant box. Its all-welded design makes it incredibly strong to withstand quite a bit of abuse. It's powered by a Mercedes-Benz OM502LA 8 -cylinder diesel engine that's water cooled and turbocharged.

As for those five axles, all but the fourth are engaged for steering (by wire) while on the highway. The system makes the crane and easy to control and relatively stable under most conditions. Off road, or while manoeuvring around the job site, the first three axles are controlled by wire while axles four and five are electronically controlled. This provides maximum turning radius and more precise movements.

Each of the wheels enjoys its own independent hydro-pneumatic suspension and a lockout as part of the crane's MEGATRAK® system. An automatic levelling system keeps the entire package well-balanced on the highway. When it comes time to stop the GMK5220, the process is controlled by individual pneumatic brakes on all wheels.

The Operators Cab

The full-vision cab is a two-man all aluminium structure with a tilt of up to 20°. It features an adjustable seat with comfortable pneumatic suspension, engine dependent heater, safety glass all the way around, and ergonomic controls, instrumentation, and armrests. Optional equipment includes an engine independent heating system and foldaway bed in the transportation cab.

The Super Structure

At the heart of the crane's superstructure is a powerful Mercedes-Benz OM906LA diesel engine. The six-cylinder, water cooled and turbocharged engine puts out an impressive 170 kW at 2200 RPM. It's capable of 810 Nm maximum torque and has a fuel capacity of 240 litres.

That engine powers a six-section telescoping TWIN-LOCKTM boom capable of reaching heights of 64m. The maximum tip height of 67m can be extended to 108m with an optional swingaway insert.

Everything is controlled from the operator's cab using an ECOS electronic control system. The graphical display and easy-to-use controls (including an automatic reset) allow operators to pay as much attention to their loads as possible.

Keeping It All Stable

Grove's state-of-the-art electronic control system goes well beyond just hoisting and moving, though. It also provides real-time data regarding boom height, length, angle, and the load conditions. The control system also features an electronically triggered warning for an impending two-block status and an automatic hoist lockout.

Outside the cab the GMK2200 is kept firmly on the ground thanks to a fixed 2-ton counterweight. The counterweight is easily installed and removed using the crane's own hydraulic systems. For extremely heavy lifting Grove offers an additional 51-ton counterweight for a total 53-ton capacity.

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