Furukawa UNIC Corporation: Truck Mounted, Mini Crawler Crane Manufacturers

photo showing Furukawa UNIC Corporation

In 1875 the predecessor to Furukawa UNIC Corporation began as a copper mining enterprise in Japan. But around the turn of the century the Japanese government began regulating copper mining due to the environmental damage it caused. Furukawa was forced to figure out new mining methods in order to comply.

From those new methods several new companies were born including the one that would eventually become Furukawa UNIC Corporation. The equipment built to support Furukawa's mining operations paved the way to the eventual manufacturing of the company's industrial and construction cranes.

Today Furukawa UNIC is still part of the larger Furukawa group, but its only function is to design and manufacture cranes. In 1987 they bought out UNIC Corporation and added both the brand name and its manufacturing facilities to their own; now UNIC is one of the leading names in Japanese truck-mounted cranes. They also export their products globally.

Furukawa UNIC Crane Categories

Furukawa UNIC manufactures only two basic categories of cranes: truck-mounted and mini crawlers. At the core of their designs are two elements the company is absolutely committed to. First is the telescoping boom which, according to company officials, gives greater strength than lattice boom cranes when compared to total boom length. Second is the idea of 360° slewing for maximum efficiency.

More about their two crane categories:

  • Truck-Mounted Cranes - When we talk about truck-mounted cranes from some of the bigger manufactures, we're talking about heavy duty construction cranes mounted on large commercial truck bodies. When it comes to Furukawa UNIC, their truck-mounted cranes are what other manufacturers might refer to as "city" or "light-duty" cranes. These machines are primarily used for materials handling in residential construction. They move timber, wall board, concrete blocks, and so on.
  • Mini Crawler Cranes - Furukawa UNIC is one of only a few companies manufacturing mini crawler cranes on a large-scale basis. To understand these cranes simply think of the largest crawler you've seen, then reduce it down to the size of a small compact car. Mini crawlers offer the stability and mobility of a large crawler in a smaller package uniquely suited for landscaping work, sewer and road repair, and light construction.

Popular Furukawa UNIC Cranes

Furukawa Unic UR-1504 heavy duty truck crane

Furukawa Unic UR-1504 Heavy Duty Truck Cranes

The largest of Furukawa UNIC's heavy duty truck cranes is the UR-1504. This is a 13-ton telescoping boom crane capable of reaching a height of 1.22m. It features four outriggers for maximum stability and a three-section hydraulic boom. Because of its 13 ton capacity the UR-1504 could be used to lift roof trusses or roof mounted-heating and cooling systems.

On the other end of the spectrum is the lightest crane in the Furukawa UNIC fleet, the UR-A104. This one-ton crane is a favourite for landscapers and cemetery operators. It's mounted on the back of a small cargo truck, so it's easy to get around, and the three section telescoping boom reaches a height of 1.8m.

Furukawa Unic UR-W370 Mini Crawler Crane

Furukawa Unic UR-W370 Mini Crawler Crane

In the company's mini crawler category the largest crane is the UR-W370 CDRS. It is transported on the back of a flat bed truck and operated from a seat on the rear of the crane. The W370 has a 2.9-ton lifting capacity and a total lift height of 2.5m.

Recent News Featuring Furukawa UNIC Cranes

Furukawa UNIC recently joined other major crane manufacturers at the Big 5 Show in Dubai in early November. The company brought several of their mini crawlers to a show where these types of cranes are normally one of the big features. According to press reports the UR-W295 CDRS series was a big hit. Furukawa UNIC is hoping that translates into wider distribution throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Earlier this year the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) announced the purchase of a fleet of URW-376 mini crawlers to assist the lifting operations of the British Armed Forces. The MoD began taking delivery in August and plans to use the cranes specifically in their aviation operations.

Companies like Furukawa UNIC thrived because they have found a niche market and figured out how to dominate it. For them, the mini crawler crane is the signature product they are most known for. As long as they keep building the best mini crawlers in the business the company should have no problem reaching future expansion goals.

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