Fassi Gru S.p.A Crane Manufacturer

photo showing Fassi Gru S.p.A

Fassi Gru was founded in 1955 by an Italian mechanic named Franco Fassi. His passion for all things automotive lead him to build trucks and other equipment that could meet the country's post-war materials handling needs. His first truck-mounted crane was built in his Albino factory in 1964.

Over the course of the next couple of decades Fassi Gru increased its footprint over most of Europe. By the 1980s they had moved into the heavy-duty, truck-mounted crane category in direct competition to other big-name manufacturers. Fassi Gru cranes were an integral part of Europe's construction projects throughout the 1990s.

By the turn of the 21st century Fassi Gru and decided to consolidate its operations and once again focus its efforts on materials handling equipment. Today, though some of their heavy-duty cranes are capable of lifting quite a load, the company's real niche is loading and unloading cargo from flat bed trucks. Fassi Gru has operations in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Fassi Gru Crane Categories

Most Fassi Gru cranes are found on materials handling trucks in Europe. That said, they group their creams into four categories:

  • Light-Duty Cranes - Fassi Gru's light-duty cranes are more or less the company's city cranes. They are built on the smallest of truck frames for easy manoeuvrability and flexibility. Some of the pieces in this category almost seem like an afterthought rather than an intentional design.
  • Medium-Duty Cranes - The company's medium-duty cranes boast an average 13-ton lift capacity. They are typically used with larger cargo trucks carrying heavy objects such as concrete barriers. Most of the cranes in this line are usable with an optional jib for greater extension over the body of the truck.
  • Heavy-Duty Cranes - As you would expect, Fassi Gru's heavy-duty crane category features the biggest of their fleet. They offer lifting capacities of 13 tons or more with a hydraulic telescoping boom. The main appeal of these cranes is the fact that they retract to a very compact size so they don't get in the way of much-needed cargo space.
  • Special Version Cranes - One of the things Fassi Gru does -- and something most other crane manufacturers don't -- is design and manufacture special duty cranes for specific environments. Their special versions include marine, military, and rail yard cranes. Each of these cranes is individually built to the unique specifications of the project it's needed on.

Popular Fassi Gru Cranes

The strength of Fassi Gru cranes is their flexibility in so far as the attachments that can be used with them. This is plainly seen in one of the favourites among the light-duty class, the F100. Mounted on a car carrier, the F100 is a city crane in every sense of the word. It's used quite frequently with trucks that transport broken down vehicles.

Fassi Gru's heavy-duty category has the fewest options among the truck cranes. The F390SE is a favourite of the group thanks to its double-linkage system, lift capacity, and flexibility. It can lift 2 tons up to a height of just under 70 feet, using a seven-section telescoping boom.

Recent News Featuring Fassi Gru Cranes

One of the most important projects Fassi Gru has worked on in recent years occurred just this past September (2012) in Antarctica. Working in extreme weather conditions, two Fassi Gru cranes from a hire company in Australia were on hand to help China build their first giant solar telescope at the "bottom of the world." The company used an F110AC and an F155AC. Their job was to work together to lift the 500 mm telescope to its platform.

In terms of high-profile cases one of the most important involving Fassi Gru was the 2010 mine collapse in Copiapo, Chile. Though the story is no longer recent memories of it still remain vivid in the minds of those who participated in the rescue efforts. After being trapped for 21 days some 700m underground, the miners were rescued thanks to Herculean efforts of rescuers and their Fassi Gru cranes.

While most crane jobs are not as dramatic as the Chilean miner rescue, they all have their own unique circumstances. Fassi Gru cranes are up to the challenge regardless of what's thrown at them.

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