Emerson Crane Hire Ltd: Cargo Loading, Rail Line & Bridge Repair Cranes

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Since 1991 Emerson Crane Hire has been a family operated business built on integrity, technical expertise, and complete objectivity. Their goal is to deliver the finest crane hire service at maximum efficiency and safety. They are members of the Construction Plant Hire Association (CPA), Freight Transport Association (FTA), and RoSPA.

Emerson's commitment to integrity and quality can be seen in the people they hire. Only the best engineers and technicians, combined with fully trained and certified operators and supervisors ensure your lift is carried out safely and professionally. The company provides on-site assessments complete with CAD drawings of all lift proposals. They will walk customers through every step of the process while providing as many services as the client needs.

In addition to crane hire Emerson offers other services as well. They've recently launched a new dedicated website for their training division; a place where industry professionals can go to take a wide range of training courses Emerson put together based on their years of experience. In addition the company provides repair, maintenance, and testing of all sorts of lift equipment.

Areas Serviced by Emerson Crane Hire

Emerson provides service to all of the UK from their East London depot. At the depot they maintain an in-house workshop where all of their equipment is maintained and repaired. Cranes are routinely inspected not only for on-site safety but also MoT roadworthy status. When a crane leaves their depot it is as safe as it can be -- both on the road and at the job site.

Emerson Industries and Sectors

Emerson Crane Hire services a variety of sectors including general construction and infrastructure. But there are several niche sectors the company excels at. They are:

  • Railway Operations - The railways sector is still alive and well in the UK, which means there are plenty of opportunities for crane lifting operations. Emerson provides several classes of cranes for cargo loading and unloading, rail line repair, bridge repair and maintenance, and general materials handling.
  • Utility Operations - Emerson has partnered with several utility companies across the UK to provide customized lift solutions according to their needs. Utilities regularly include power companies, communications providers, and water authorities. Their unique needs can require anything from a spider crane to an all-terrain mobile crane.
  • Special Events - Emerson is proud to say they were involved extensively in preparations for the 2012 Olympic Games. A large percentage of their fleet was deployed throughout London and Stafford in the months and weeks leading up to the start of the games. There were also utilized extensively in tear down once the event was complete. Emerson's ability to adapt and create customized lift solutions is one of the reasons they were chosen for the work.
  • Construction Industry Contract - Several prominent construction companies in the UK regularly use Emerson on a contract basis for their heavy lifting needs. These companies feel more at ease with Emerson's professional contract services rather than settling for simple crane hire.

Recent News Featuring Emerson Crane Hire

This past spring Emerson Crane Hire joined more than 200 other exhibitors at the 2012 UK AD & Biogas trade show. The show is the only one in the UK to concentrate on biogas technologies for the agricultural, food service, and waste management industries. They were able to meet face-to-face with current and potential clients.

In September the company announced the addition of a new Liebherr LTM 1200-5 all-terrain crane. The 200-ton five-axle crane was a much-needed addition to the fleet but required Emerson to acquire an additional half-acre of land to service it. Both were worthwhile investments when considering the benefits the company and its customers will realize with the new Crane.

Emerson Crane Hire continues to expand its UK reach in all the sectors it serves. As they invest in their fleet they are able to take on more jobs for more clients. Emerson encourages you to contact them today for more information about their fleet and services, or to arrange a site visit. Their professional staff are prepared to answer your questions and help guide you in your heavy lift decisions.

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