Davies Crane Hire in Wales - Truck Mounted, Crawlers, Telescoping Boom Cranes

photo showing Davies Crane Hire

Davies Crane Hire was established by Malcolm Davies in 1973. Since the early days they have expanded to include a fleet of dozens of cranes and transport vehicles. The smallest cranes start with the lift capacity of 8 tons and are perfect for light construction and city jobs. Their heaviest cranes can lift up to 250 tons for those bigger jobs.

Cranes can be obtained on a contract or hire basis depending on the needs of the client. On a hire basis, the client is responsible for making sure the lift complies with all regulatory standards. That means conducting a site safety inspection, drawing up plans for the lift, and lift supervision during the execution. It also means securing appropriate insurance.

When a company chooses the contract option Davies takes care of all of that in its entirety. Their fully trained and certified crane operators, signallers, and supervisors have the skill and expertise to pull off any lift without incident.

Areas Serviced by Davies Crane Hire

Davies is dedicated to providing the best service in Wales. They have three depots located in Carmarthen (main headquarters), Milford Haven, and Port Talbot. You may contact the company by looking up either the address, telephone number, or e-mail address on their website.

Davies Crane Hire Industries and Sectors

Davies Crane doesn't specialize in any one sector as some others do. Rather, they make their equipment available for a wide variety of jobs. Some of the industries you may see Davies involved in include:

  • Light Construction - Davies Crane offers some smaller truck-mounted cranes in the 25 ton to 50 ton range. The smaller cranes are used for like construction projects in residential housing, retail, and office space. They work well in both urban and suburban environments and are easy to take over the road.
  • Materials Handling - The company offers both an 8-ton and 12 - on crane perfect for materials handling needs. The 8-ton crane is mounted on the back of a lorry and would be perfect for construction site where materials must be lifted to higher floors. The 12-ton crane is built on a two axle carrier often used for moving machinery or equipment around an industrial yard.
  • Infrastructure - The crawlers from Davies are great cranes for infrastructure projects including bridges, roads, and utility work. Their track-based carriers allow them to work on terrain where the wheeled cranes might be unstable. They also allow for pick and carry on job sites where this is necessary.
  • Heavy Industrial/Power - Davies' largest telescoping boom cranes are used for heavy industrial and power needs. For example, lifting and replacing fuel tanks would be fairly common. The are used for new building construction, existing billing rehabilitation, equipment removal and installation, and so on.

Recent News Featuring Davies Crane Hire

Because Davies Cranes is not one of the big national crane hire companies in the UK the news of their lifts is few and far between. The last relevant news item to appear was a 2009 story of the company accepting delivery for a new 250-ton Terex Demag all-terrain Crane. The crane boasts an 80m main boom, a 36m jib, and a lot more. It was a welcome addition to the company's fleet at the time.

Unfortunately, a visit to the Davies Crane website reveals they have not updated their news feed since that 2009 purchase. Davies cranes have undoubtedly been busy during that time on all sorts of projects throughout Wales.

Also conspicuously absent from their website is a gallery of job site photos. Companies will usually post pictures in order to give clients a visual representation of the types of jobs they can handle. In Davies' case their website is very basic from top to bottom. If you're looking for detailed company information would be far better off calling them or visiting them in person. Their website does provide telephone numbers and mailing addresses of all three depots.

For reliable lift service in Wales Davies Crane Hire is one of your options. It may be your crane company of choice if you prefer smaller companies concentrating on dedicated geographic locations. Their small size and attention to detail could be their biggest selling points.

Find out more about their crane services at Davies Crane Hire