City Lifting Crane Hire Company: London & Southern Coast

photo showing City Lifting

In 1981 City Lifting was established to provide crane hire to the greater London area. Since then the growth of their client base has facilitated the company expanding into most of southern England. Today they work on some of the most complicated lifts in the London area.

Their total fleet is well over 100, with 70% of the cranes being heavy-duty towers. Yet 30% are mobile cranes of various sizes and classes. The combination of mobile cranes and towers gives them access to jobs other crane hire companies aren't able to take on.

In terms of tower cranes the company offers standard towers, luffing cranes, and flat tops. Each of the three types of towers has its advantages and disadvantages and must be matched to the circumstances of the job. In terms of mobile cranes City Lifting offers telescoping boom cranes on wheeled transports as well as crawler cranes.

In addition to crane hire City Lifting also offers new crane sales, contract lifts, and extra services like traffic management. They are easily a one-stop crane hire company providing top-notch service to London and points south.

Areas Serviced by City Lifting

City Lifting is based in Essex, just north of London. Their service area is concentrated in the UK capital but expands south to the shore. You can find contact information for their Purfleet office and depot listed on their website. Interestingly, despite such a large fleet the company does not operate other depots in the south-east.

City Lifting Industries and Sectors

According to the company's literature City Lifting operates in four main sectors. However, it's hard to believe they would turn down jobs in other sectors if they could fit them into their schedule. The four main sectors listed are:

  • Construction - The construction sector makes up a good deal of the City Lifting business. It can be commercial, residential, medical, or even government construction. Furthermore, cranes can be used on anything from residential housing to the tallest office buildings. With stationary tower cranes height is never a limit.
  • Civil Engineering - City Lifting's civil engineering sector involves construction of roads and bridges, infrastructure upgrades such as improved sewer lines, public sector building projects, certain rail and marine projects, Metro construction and rehabilitation, and so on. Again, the wide variety of frame sizes gives City Lifting the widest possible latitude in meeting the various needs of civil engineering projects.
  • Industrial - The industrial category is a bit broader for City Lifting than it is for other companies. Industrial lifting can be anything from moving materials around a shipping yard to loading and unloading industrial equipment or building a new factory. The company's city cranes and small truck-mounted cranes are best suited for this type of work.
  • Heating & Ventilation - In a residential setting it's hard to imagine why mobile cranes would be necessary for heating and ventilation. But in a commercial setting that's not the case. Commercial buildings require much larger units which are often mounted on a roof or lowered into a basement before the main floors are finished. City Lifting has the heaviest mobile cranes available for this sort of work.

Recent News Featuring City Lifting

Most of the news coming out of City Lifting this year has been by way of the company's efforts to expand their fleet. They've taken delivery of several new cranes this year including three self-erecting mobile tower cranes from Spiering. The company got an extremely good deal thanks to the liquidation of K-Lift, the company City Lifting purchased them from.

That acquisition was followed by another in August which saw the company purchase a new Terex Challenger 3180. The all-terrain crane was chosen in part because of its 50m telescoping boom on a three-axle carrier. The Crane is capable of reaching greater heights without having to worry about installing a jib.

City Lifting added a four-axle all-terrain Crane by way of Tadano Faun ATF70 as well. The appeal of this crane is its extra quiet operation and light axle loads. The company put it to use right away on a couple of important projects in London over the summer.

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