Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd Crane Hire: Most of Mainland UK

photo showing Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd

South East England is home to Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd., one of the UK's premier crane hire companies offering the biggest mobile cranes in the business. The company prides itself on offering only the most modern and up-to-date equipment 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days per year. Bronzeshield rents everything from 7-ton city cranes all the way up to 500-ton tower cranes.

Cranes can be obtained for any job on a hire and management basis. Bronzeshield will take care of all planning and execution processes to make sure all is done according to regulations. Customers who have the capacity to plan and execute on their own can hire just the crane itself. In either case Bronzeshield's fully trained and certified staff are prepared to help.

Areas Serviced by Bronzeshield

Bronzeshield has multiple depots strategically positioned around South East England and East Anglia. They provide coverage for most of mainland UK from these facilities. The depots are stocked with small city cranes, mid-size truck-mounted cranes, all-terrain cranes, and telescoping towers.

In addition, the company provides various types of training and instruction at two facilities located in Kent and Norfolk. Training and testing is available for crane operators, signallers, crane supervisors, and more. On their website Bronzeshield makes available downloadable copies of the CPCS theory, practical test, and card application.

Bronzeshield Industries and Sectors

Bronzeshield rents cranes for a wide range of industries and sectors. Having such a large selection in terms of weight capacity makes the company available for jobs of all sizes. Examples of some of the sectors you'll find Bronzeshield cranes working include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Construction - Bronzeshield's 500-ton tower cranes are just what you'd expect to find in commercial and industrial construction. They have the highest booms and the largest lift capacities for the biggest and most complicated jobs. These types of jobs would include tower construction, high-rise construction, and power plant and stadium upgrades.
  • Roads and Bridges - The heaviest of the all-terrain mobile units rented by Bronzeshield are prime candidates for road and bridge construction. They are especially helpful for placing concrete bridge abutments, prefabricated spans, and concrete barriers. Along those same lines their truck-mounted series is used extensively for public works projects like sewers and water mains.
  • Residential and Light Commercial Construction - Bronzeshield's smaller cranes are regularly seen on residential and light commercial construction projects. The smallest of their city cranes are often used for materials handling purposes such as unloading landscaping elements or timber and wall board. They are a good choice for building modular homes and offices as well.
  • Marine - Mobile cranes are used extensively in marine applications where mobility is necessary. You'll find Bronzeshield cranes being used in various shipping errors throughout the UK to help load and unload ships. They might also be used for Marine recovery projects, whether based on floating barges or concrete births.

Recent News Featuring Bronzeshield

Since the summer several Bronzeshield cranes have been faithfully on the job in Saffron Walden helping to erect a group of apartment buildings. The mobile cranes, utilised for several kinds of lifts, are being contracted by McCarthy & Stone development.

Meanwhile, a six-axle heavy lifter from Bronzeshield has been working on the bridge project and underpass in Andover. The Admirals Way project is nearing completion and residents now have the convenience of being able to walk under the main highway bridge using the new pedestrian underpass.

Up in Birmingham several Bronzeshield cranes have been deployed to help in the construction of the new Library of Birmingham. In February footage was taken of a Liebherr LTM 1500 being used to help disassemble one of the larger tower cranes used in the earlier stages of construction. The library is expected to be completed sometime next year. Meanwhile Bronzeshield will remain on site with additional mobile cranes to meet remaining lifting needs.

Bronzeshield Lifting Ltd. continues to be one of the UK's biggest and best crane hire companies. They have built a reputation for the best equipment, excellent operators and support staff, and the ability to tackle some of the biggest jobs. Whether your lift is a one-time project or consistent, long-term work Bronzeshield is available to get the job done.

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