Baldwins Crane Hire Ltd: Marine & Heavy Industry Cranes

photo showing Baldwins Crane Hire Ltd

Baldwins Crane Hire was established in 1957 as a small operation specializing in industrial moving. Since then the company has expanded to include heavy lifting coverage throughout the UK, building a reputation that now seems them working on the most high-profile jobs in the country.

Their smallest cranes are truck-mounted models capable of lifting seven tons. On the other end of the spectrum their heaviest mobile crane is the 1,000-ton Liebherr LTB 11000D. This eight axle behemoth, like all Baldwins cranes, is available for straight contract hire or for a hire and management scenario.

For contract hire Baldwins will provide full engineering and consulting services as requested by the customer. The customer is still responsible for making sure all planning and lifting complies with current regulations. In a hire and management scenario Baldwins will take care of everything from start to finish.

Areas Serviced by Baldwins Crane Hire

Baldwins Crane Hire covers just about all of the UK to one extent or another. They have a series of eight depots, most located in the South and North of England for easy access to anywhere in the UK. Cranes are available 24/7; you can find telephone numbers, addresses, and e-mail contacts for each of the depots on the company website.

Baldwins Crane Hire Industries and Sectors

The varying weight capacities of Baldwins cranes means they are up for just about any lift job. As a result, they don't specialize in any one sector. You'll find Baldwins doing just about anything including:

  • Energy Projects - The energy sector is perfectly suited for Baldwins heavy cranes because of the large components that have to be prefabricated elsewhere and then lifted into place. Power plants routinely have some of the heaviest lifts crane hire companies will deal with. In addition to power plants Baldwins is routinely called on to help build wind mills.
  • Marine Work - The marine environment is another one requiring heavy lifting capacity. There are several different types of marine jobs Baldwins cranes maybe found doing: lifting boats for repair, salvage and recovery, loading and unloading ships, moving cargo around docks.
  • Utility Work - This type of work deals with power lines, sewer lines, water mains, etc. Baldwins cranes are specially helpful for erecting power line towers and setting prefabricated sewer lines. This type of work requires both mobility and flexibility. The fact that mobile cranes can be deployed an operational with little set-up time needed makes them ideal for these short-term jobs.
  • Heavy Industrial Construction - Another area where heavy lifting is required is in the area of industrial construction. Industrial environments often utilize heavy pieces of machinery or equipment that come loaded on the backs of flat bed trailers. As far as the buildings, sections are often built on the ground and then lifted into place by cranes. All of this is work Baldwins' heaviest cranes are perfectly suited for.
  • Infrastructure - The largest of road and bridge projects are easily within the Baldwins capacity. Whether it is bridge sections or concrete barriers, their cranes are often seen engaged in UK infrastructure projects.

Recent News Featuring Baldwins Crane Hire

Most of the news coming out of Baldwins these days has to do with the new equipment they've been bringing purchasing. In July the company accepted delivery of two 80-ton Terex AC80s and one 350-ton Liebherr LTM 1350. The company says the additions were to fill some of the gaps in their medium and heavy lifting lines. The new Liebherr 350-ton is a six-axle crane with a 70m main boom, fitting nicely between Baldwins 200-ton and 500-ton options.

In November the company took delivery of a 150-ton Faun with a 60m telescopic boom and five-axle carrier. The company plans to run this new crane from their London depot. With the addition of the four new cranes since July Baldwins inventory is now close to 180 cranes plus specialized transport systems.

Baldwins Crane Hire is proud to have some of the heaviest lifting capacity in the UK. They continue to expand their fleet in order to offer more options to customers. Contact them at your earliest convenience for your lifting needs.

Find out more about their crane services at Baldwins Crane Hire