Ainscough Cranes Crane Hire: Petrochemical & General Construction

photo showing Ainscough Cranes

Ainscough Crane Company got its start in 1976 when Gerald Ainscough set up shop just north-west of Manchester. By 1984 his three sons had taken over the business and were well on their way to making Ainscough crane the largest crane hire company in the UK. By 2004 the company was employing 1,000 individuals with a total fleet of 700 machines.

The company saw its greatest challenge in 2007 when the family decided to sell the crane hire portion of the business to its current management team in order to focus their energies on real estate development, industrial development, and the financial sector.

Today's Ainscough Crane Company is as strong as ever. The management team never missed a beat during the sale and transition that followed. Their 460-crane fleet services about 4,500 customers representing an annual turnover of nearly £100 million.

Areas Serviced by Ainscough

Ainscough's headquarters are located in Lancashire, just off the M6. Their strategic location gives them good access to all of the United Kingdom. In addition to those headquarters they operate 29 depots across the UK ensuring they have a truly national reach.

The advantage Ainscough has in using so many depots is the fact that they can balance their fleet throughout the country. This means more cranes are available for all types of work regardless of geographic location. The company's single fleet model allows them to be very responsive to meet all of the individual needs of customers.

Ainscough Industries and Sectors

Ainscough Crane Hire services a wide range of industries and four main sectors:

  • General Construction - Ainscough Crane is the UK's largest provider of mobile construction cranes for hire. The general construction sector focuses on all types of commercial and residential construction, with an emphasis on physical building structures and land improvements needed for them. The company offers cranes with lifting capacities from 10 to 1,250 tons.
  • Petrochemical - The petrochemical sector is one area where Ainscough has a lot of expertise. As a matter fact, they do more than simply show up with a crane and instructions to lift something. Ainscough gets involved in the entire process including planned shut downs, mobilization and lift planning, health and safety regulation compliance, and more. In other words, Ainscough is a lifting partner for the petrochemical industry rather than just a crane hire company.
  • Energy - Ainscough's energy sector is slightly different from the petrochemical sector in that it focuses primarily on projects in renewable energy. For example, one of their 500-ton cranes from Leibherr is the perfect machine for erecting wind turbines. The Ainscough team helps customers with every aspect of this type of project including regulatory compliance, and complete planning and execution strategies.
  • Infrastructure - Infrastructure is a major sector for most crane hire companies, but Ainscough takes it one step further by dedicating 10 Leibherr 500-ton cranes exclusively to this one area. Ainscough also gets involved with every aspect of the lifting process including providing CAD drawings of birthing requirements, ensuring road closures take place as scheduled, filing necessary paperwork, and ensuring worker safety.

Recent News Featuring Ainscough

Two of the more recent jobs featuring Ainscough cranes involved an air-conditioning unit and a yacht. For the air-conditioning job Owen Refrigeration hired Ainscough to lift several air-conditioning units and their required piping atop a seven story office building. They chose a 75-ton 1070-4.1 Leibherr LTM for the London-based project near Fleet Street.

Meanwhile, a 90-ton Leibherr was commissioned in Southampton to help in the final stages of construction of an 88-foot private luxury yacht for the family of Formula One racer Eddie Jordan. The crane was stationed on a berth just above the yacht, where it was used to lift and place a 3-ton mast and 1-ton main room. Ainscough officials remarked on the unusual nature of the lift as well as the honour of being chosen to do the work for such an important UK family.

As the largest crane hire company in the UK, Ainscough is dedicated to offering the best equipment and service to customers of all sectors and sizes. Their sizeable fleet is strategically positioned throughout the country waiting to be utilised for general construction, petrochemical, energy, and infrastructure use.

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